The Current Outfit Folder (abbreviated as COF) in your inventory is used to keep track of what you are currently wearing (as the name implies). It is also used to generate your visual appearance, via Server Side Appearance. It is a system folder - ie, not one you should ever place items into.

On rare occasions, this folder can become corrupted. Symptoms of this include:

  • only one account is affected;
  • you will crash or timeout disconnect at login, usually around “Downloading clothing…”;
  • you will likely crash/disconnect on any V3 based viewer or a viewer that uses COF;
  • Reinstalling the viewer, clearing cache, replacing outfit on a non-COF viewer will not fix you.

Examination of viewer logs will usually show:

INFO: newview/llappearancemgr.cpp(1998) : LLAppearanceMgr::updateAppearanceFromCOF: starting

Followed by (but not always) lots of:

WARNING: newview/llappearancemgr.cpp(2891) : WearablesOrderComparator::operator(): Warning # 0: either item1 or item2 is NULL

Fixing COF Corruption

Please try the following steps, exactly as described:

  • Login on Imprudence 1.3.2 stable version.
  • Go to your Inventory Library → Clothing and drag one of the outfit folders onto your avatar eg) Boy next door. Wait until you see this default avatar appear.
  • Logout of Imprudence
  • Launch Firestorm but do not login yet.
  • From the login screen, go to Viewer → Preferences → Advanced → Tick “Show Advanced menu” → Apply → Ok.
  • You should now see a “Debug” option in the top menu bar. Go to Debug → Debug settings → VerifyInitialWearables → Set to TRUE
  • Now login with Firestorm - Do not attempt to change anything you are wearing on your avatar yet.
  • Open your Inventory and go to your “Current Outfit” folder and open it. Examine the list of items in your current outfit folder and you very possibly will have a lot of items in there showing as unworn.

Any item that shows as unworn, right click it and delete it. This will not delete the original item, only the link.

  • Once all unworn items are removed from your current outfit folder, change outfits a few times and verify everything is behaving as expected.
  • Go to Advanced (top menu bar) → Debug settings → VerifyInitialWearables → Set this back to FALSE, it is no longer needed.
  • Relog.
  • If login is successfull, you are now fixed and will be fixed on all Viewers :-)


  • VerifyInitialWearables makes the viewer notice that the server says you're wearing something that's not in COF which makes the viewer purge everything in COF and then recreate from what you're wearing
  • VerifyInitialWearables is not in V3, only viewers containing RLVa.
  • This will not work if you have inventory corruption somewhere other then COF. Currently only LL can fix this for (premium) users by running the inventory repair scripts
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