This window can be accessed by going to the top menu bar and selecting World → Environment Editor → Day Presets → New preset or Edit Preset 2). The windows are almost the same, except that in Edit mode, you select an exiting preset to modify, while in Create mode, you supply a new name to use and start out with default values.

Create/Edit Day Preset

The day cycle editor allows you to completely change the normal day/night cycle skies. For various times of day, you may select skies of your choice from the supplied presets, or make your own skies with the sky editor. Note that others will not be able to see self-created skies unless you share them.

  • Timeline: Drag the downward-pointing arrow to change what the environment looks like at a given time. Nodes (the “bumps”) on the timeline are keyframes which you can drag to set. Each corresponds to a sky preset. As the time of day progresses, the sky “animates” as it interpolates between these keyframes.
  • Add Key: Creates a new keyframe at the the arrow's location. After setting a keyframe, you can change the Key Preset.
  • Delete Key: Deletes the currently-selected or last-selected node.
  • Sky Setting: Choose from the list of sky settings.
  • Time: Click the arrows to move the selected key.
  • Make this my new day cycle: Check to select this as your current day cycle.


If you Edit an existing preset, you can save it with a new name, thus creating a new one.
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