This page aims to be a guide for users of Phoenix and Firestorm, and Direct Delivery. The following are links to general information concerning what Direct Delivery is, how it works, and what merchants need to do:


Firestorm and later versions have full support for both Received Items and the Merchant Outbox. Earlier versions will have Received Items support (though the folder may be “clipped”), but no support for the Merchant Outbox.

Received Items

Firestorm - Received Items

The image above shows what a Firestorm inventory window looks like once the Received Items folder has been created. This folder will not exist until you make your direct Direct Delviery purchase from the marketplace. If you wish to test Direct Delivery purchases, you can buy this free Bear.

Merchant Outbox

The Merchant Outbox in Firestorm 4.x can be found in the top menu bar → Avatar → Merchant Outbox.

When it is first opened, it will attempt to connect to the marketplace, as shown in the image above. This may fail, giving an error:

  • If you get an error saying that you need to set up a Marketplace store, but you already have one, try logging out of the Marketplace website, and then logging back in. Some have found that they also need to make some change to their marketplace store to be able to get the Outbox working.
  • If you are a linux user, you may be affected by this: Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build.
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