If you click the screwdriver-wrench at the top of the window, you are taken to the Edit Outfit window. Here, you may add or remove items from the currently worn outfit.

The outfit window is organized into three tabs: Clothing, Attachments and Body Parts. If you mouse over a worn item, you will see two icons appear, on either side of the item:

  • X on the left: clicking that will remove the item from the outfit.
  • Screwdriver-Wrench on the right: if you click this, you will be able to edit the item directly - except for attachments.

On the clothing tab, below the list of worn clothing items, are types of items not currently worn. For example, if you are wearing a shirt shirt, then Shirt will not appear here; if instead you are not wearing a jacket layer, then it will be listed - and to the right, a Plus sign, which allows you to add a new clothing item of that specific type, from your inventory.

Beneath the list, is an Add More button. Clicking this splits the view in half, horizontally, as shown here. In this lower window, you can scroll to select items to add to the outfit. To the right of the (now pressed) Add More button is a drop down which you may use to filter the list below. Once you have found the desired item, click the Wear Item button below the window.

Below this button are two buttons that allow you to view the list in an inventory tree, or as a flat list.

When done, click the Add More button again.

At the bottom left is a gear icon; click this to create a new type of item (body part, clothing, physics, etc).

On the bottom left is a shopping cart icon; clicking this opens the SL marketplace in your web browser.

To save your modified outfit, click the Save button at the bottom of the window. Or, if you wish to save this with a new name, click the up arrow to the right and select Save As.

NOTE: Editing body parts is covered on a separate page.

Alternate Method

This isn't the only way to work with outfits in Firestorm. If you prefer, you can work with your inventory directly, by creating folders yourself in some other folder, and moving or copying items into it. You may also copy an item and then Paste Link, which is very useful if items are no copy.

If you do use this method, do not use the Outfits folder, as this should be managed only by the method described above, not manually. Use Clothing, or create a folder of your own.

One advantage of using this method is that you may structure your outfits by category. For example, you can create folders such as:

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Fantasy

… and so on. And in each of those, create folders for single outfits. This method may be more tedious but it does give greater flexibility.

NOTE: Using this method breaks the built-in outfit system accessed via the Appearance window. So use one or the other, not both.

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