If you open the Search page and click on a specific event, the Event Details window opens, giving more information about the event.

The top shows the event name in a large font. Below this come the details:

  • Time: Date and time (Second Life Time) at which the event is scheduled to begin.
  • Duration: How long the event runs for.
  • Location: Name of the parcel on which the event is being held. Clicking this opens the place profile.
  • Host: Name of the event host. Clicking this opens the person's profile.
  • Category: Type of event.
  • Cover: Indicates whether there is a charge to attend the event.
  • Then comes a description of the event itself.

At the bottom right:

  • Remind Me: Check this is you wish to be reminded 10mins before the event begins (disabled if the event has already started).
  • Teleport: TP immediately to the event location.
  • Map: Opens the World Map to show the event location.
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