If you receive an item called “..ExDepart.. Gift Package 2012” from anyone, even close friends, do not rez it! There are now variants on this; one known one is called “-[L4L]- Gestures & Walkers (Freebies) <3”

This is a spoofing griefer item; it will rez items with your name as the owner (given that you are, in fact, the owner) to pass out more items. If you receive this item, make an abuse report with Governor Linden as the abuser, list any information you can think of to help, and remember the person that sent it to you probably didn't do it. Then delete this item.

If you do end up with one rezzed, you will need to find it and delete it. Typically, the item will spam you with more items and/or notecards, and they will be coming from an object owned by you, so muting it is not an option. When you are offered the item, the message box should also say where the item is located, as a clickable link. Failing that, decline it, and you should then get a location in local chat. Normally, the object will be at height, at or about 4000m.

Go into fly, then teleport to the location you got. This can be accomplished by typing the following into local chat:

gtp x y z

Replace x, y, z above with the coordinates of the object. Once there, enable beacons for scripted objects:

  • top menu → World → Show More → Beacons

Enable beacons, scripted objects. You should now see a very small box with crosshairs on the object that is spamming. Go into edit mode with Ctrl-3, then drag a selection box around the highlighted object to select it. Once selected, delete it.

There is a good chance that there more than once such object on the region, so you may have to repeat this a few times until you have located all of them.

Be aware that just as you have been spammed by this, so too have others, by your object. It isn't your fault; it is just how this thing works, unfortunately. Therefore, it is almost certain that the owner of the object that gave the “virus” item to you, is in turn an innocent victim.

See also “-[L4L]- Gestures & Walkers (Freebies) <3" griefing object

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