Failed to Find Item in the Database

Symptom: You receive a message that the system has “Failed to find [name of any item] in the database” every time you try to wear or remove something.

Please note: This is not a viewer issue, but we have written this page to help users with a common problem.

We have identified three causes of this.

  • Open your Inventory and look in your Current Outfit folder (must be the “Current Outfit” folder and not the “Worn” tab; this is important).
  • Look for any broken links in the folder, particularly for the item with the name in the “Failed” warning you're receiving.
  • Delete any and all broken links in the folder.

Explanation: This error happens when the broken link gets “stuck” in the folder for some reason. When the viewer tries to update the Current Outfit folder – which happens whenever you wear or remove a body part or clothing item – it detects the link in there and thinks you want to be wearing that item. So it tries to put it on you, but it can't because the link is broken, and the “Failed” message pops up.

Replace the outfit

If deleting broken links doesn't help, or if there were none, then make a temporary folder in your inventory. In it, put a copy of a system skin, system shape, system hair base, and system eyes - nothing else - and not the ones you are already wearing. Then right-click the folder name, replace outfit (not add or wear). Then check Current Outfit folder (not Worn tab) and delete any links showing as not worn. Then relog. (Please follow these steps exactly as given - it matters.)

  • If the error message has gone away, you can try putting on your usual body parts and clothing.
  • If the error message has NOT gone away, proceed to the next section.

Incorrect system layers in Lost & Found folder

  • Check in Lost & Found folder and delete any system layers named “new”–“New skin,” “New eyes,” “New pants,” or similar.
  • If you are wearing the item, remove it (if a clothing layer) or change to a different body part, whichever applies, and try deleting the item again.

Explanation: If a worn system clothing layer or system body part is not found at login, that layer/body part will be replaced with a default asset that is created and placed in Lost & Found. You will continue to get the error message until the “new” item is deleted from Lost & Found.

  • If the error message has gone away, you can try putting on your usual body parts and clothing.
  • If the error message has NOT gone away, proceed to the next section.

System Mechanic Pro's NetBooster Internet Optimization

(Windows only)

The NetBooster tool is a feature in System Mechanic Pro. This NetBooster feature does not always execute, so there is an element of randomness to reproducing these SL connectivity problems when System Mechanic Pro is installed on the system.

  • Uninstalling System Mechanic Pro does not appear to revert the changes made by the NetBooster feature.
  • The solution is to go into the NetBooster tool and selected “Restore original settings”.
  • This restores Windows default settings and everything in SL works again.

For more information and additional symptoms, see here.


If none of these steps help, then please test using the official LL viewer, which can be downloaded here. If you have the same problem there, file a support ticket with LL.

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