Firestorm Beta 2 - Change log

**IMPORTANT!!** Uninstall previous Firestorm installations and make sure you install to a CLEAN EMPTY FOLDER! Do not overwrite an existing installation



- Lots of Skin fixes and improvements

- V1 style group profile windows

- Copy outfit your wearing to text option in the worn tab on appearance panel. From gear menu, copy to clipboard.

- Double click teleport from Mini Map

- Save zoom level for Mini Map

- Inspect floater improvements

- Bridge creation improvements and fixes

- Seconds in time stamps for chat logs

- Griefer protection from Animation grabbers Prefs> Firestorm> Protection tab

- Quick Preferences panel (located on bottom bar)

- Content creation tools (Build tools)

  1. added most of the build options from phoenix
  2. Clickable group name on build floater
  3. Object highlight toggle on build floater
  4. Pivot point controls
  5. Default size and material controls
  6. Link number of build floater (with same bugs as Phoenix)
  7. Build options pref panel Prefs> Firestorm> Build
  8. Copy/paste obj pos, size, rot, and prams; as well as textures
  9. Alt, control and shift keys modify increment on spinners (Alt: x10. Control: x1/10. Shift: x1/100)
  10. Higher precision on pos, size and rotation
  11. Phoenix's additional path profiles and transforms types
  12. Added button for copy keys (UUID) to clipboard
  13. Require confirm before setting object for sale (prevents sale sniping)
  14. Expand/Collapse button
  15. Always show last owner

- corrected layout for when the network statusbar is showing, added preference to show

- changed the land name to be clickable, instead of having to click the i icon

- backed out new GPU table so some linux distros can run the viewer

- added restore to last position in inventory right click menu

- contact tab in conversations is now closable

- mute gestures doesn't mute non avatar sounds or your own gesture sounds

- reverted max HTTP requests to 8 instead of 16

- world map search results are now alphabetical

- added control to adjust avatar z height in quick pref

- option of adding seconds to time in chat and logs

- increased hardware class level for some nvidia GPUs

- Added phantom on/off message.

- language translations and bug fixes

- New windlight sky presets

- Loads of crash fixes (including the new common animation crasher)

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