Firestorm Release Notes 4.6.9 (42974) Hotfix Release

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This page shows all changes since the Release.
Note that this is a Hotfix release and only contains 5 bug fixes.
If you are updating from Release, see HERE for all additional new features and fixes since 4.6.7.

For a summary of all the major new features and improvements in the 4.6.9 release, please
see Inara Pey's Firestorm 4.6.9 blog post.

  • FIXED Fixed voice getting broken after a teleport on OpenSim grids
    The Linden lab voice fixes included in Firestorm release to hide avatar location after a teleport to prevent “map stalking” caused voice to often break after a teleport on OpenSim grids.
    Users logged into Second Life grids should notice no change in voice behaviour between and
    This fixes FIRE-15122
    Jessica Lyon, Ansariel Hiller, Cinder Roxley
  • FIXED Fixed an RLV bug with the @getattach command
    This bug caused querying the attachments at Center 2 to return no results instead of 0 or 1
    Running @getattach without any attachment spot was returning a partially wrong list: Center 2 was omitted, rendering the list of attachment spots short by one and returning wrong results for these attachment spots: center 2,top right,top,top left,center,bottom left,bottom,bottom right,neck,root
    This caused some RLV scripts to break
    This fixes FIRE-15110
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed bottom toolbar buttons showing in mouselook
    This fixes FIRE-15101
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed object view not working correctly
    This fixes FIRE-15085
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed a crash when editing Quick Preferences
    This fixes FIRE-14471
    Zi Ree

Firestorm JIRA Link Details Official viewer bug?18) New on 4.6.9?
FIRE-14871 Latest AMD drivers will not render rigged mesh unless hardware skinning is disabled. BUG-7653 No
AMD driver bug
FIRE-15046 Selection outlines display wrongly when ALM is enabled
AMD 14.9 & 14.12 Catalyst drivers only
BUG-7947 No
AMD driver bug
FIRE-15039 32bit Havok enabled viewer crashes when opening Build → Pathfinding → View/Test\\ Linux Only No No
FIRE-14845 Using “Align Planar Faces” on flexible prims crashes viewer BUG-7615 No
FIRE-14689 Crash on changing rigged mesh attachments
Crashes on OpenSim grids only
No No
FIRE-14672 iCloud update causes broken mesh upload, “error encoding snapshot” saving snapshots to inventory, “Couldn't convert the image to jpeg2000” uploading textures and broken UI colours. BUG-7343 No
FIRE-14314 Lag meter is gone BUG-5771 No
FIRE-14046 Increased occurance of missing objects at login or after teleport on builds using the Interesting code BUG-6299
FIRE-13180 Screen Space Reflections makes shiny materials appear too dark and add reflections which should not be there No No
FIRE-13047 Very low frame rate
Mac 10.6 & 10.7 only
FIRE-12681 With ALM enabled, full bright shiny objects do not display texture
Mac only
MAINT-3568 No
FIRE-12520 Highlight transparent no longer highlights particles that use a texture containing alpha BUG-4731 No
FIRE-12496 On Materials enabled viewers, textures containing alpha display as full bright if basic shaders are disabled BUG-4709 No
FIRE-12401 Certain pathcuts made to a cube cause some faces to not react to sunlight or local lights BUG-4633 No
FIRE-12249 “Develop → Render Metadata → Avatar Hitboxes” makes eyes disappear No No
FIRE-12213 Enabling Advanced Lighting Model in graphics preferences causes horizon to invert BUG-4430 No
FIRE-12115 Hairbase renders incorrectly in edit appearance mode when ALM is enabled BUG-4367 No
FIRE-12072 Alpha masking is broken again on avatar clothing when ALM is enabled BUG-4357 No
FIRE-11965 When advanced lighting model is on, water in adjacent region flickers MATBUG-252 No
FIRE-11960 File picker crashes with coverflow open on Mavericks
Mac Mavericks only
MAINT-3354 No
FIRE-11929 Some prims have black moire-like patterns when ALM is enabled MAINT-3302 No
FIRE-11745 particles using textures containing alpha flash white at certain camera angles MAINT-3178 No
FIRE-11744 Particles incl avatar selection beam particles sometimes appear corrupted MAINT-3177 No
FIRE-11740 Mesh clothing with solid/sheer clothing combo pixelated
Mac only
MAINT-3238 No
FIRE-11654 “Show Land Owners” broken - Does not tint land masses - only water surfaces MAINT-933 No
FIRE-11561 Disabling Alpha textures dosen't work fully 4.5.0 MATBUG-388 No
FIRE-11330 Names in group chat sometimes lag behind and take a second to load, and sometimes show as “Loading€…” and never change MAINT-3118 No
FIRE-11103 FIRE-6619 regressed after CHUI merge - Folder is retained in worn item when all the items are removed. Empty folders stay visible in Recent Items tab. VWR-29152 No
FIRE-9705 Editing clothing layer and saving sometimes marks it as unworn SH-3889 No
FIRE-10041 Rotating Objects flicker from a distance MAINT-2648 No
FIRE-10104 Camera won't follow objects when you paste new location using edit MAINT-2586 No
FIRE-10539 Avatar Cloth is broken in deferred rendering. MAINT-2755 No
FIRE-8192 “Error: DAE parsing issue - see log for details” when attempting to upload a dae from a folder containing unicode characters MAINT-2161 No
FIRE-8051 Bulk uploading more then 1 item from a folder containing an umlaut or unicode character in the name will fail MAINT-1804 No
FIRE-8149 LSL Preprocessor skips globally defined strings when containing brackets () No No
FIRE-7979 Changing from Ultra to Low with basic shaders disabled breaks much of the UI MAINT-3363 No
FIRE-7791 LSL PreProcessor String Parse Error No No
FIRE-6825 Show info - Show memory (usage) doesn't work
Mac and Linux only
MAINT-1421 No
FIRE-4963 using animation upload window disables physics wearables No No

changeset: 42970:4e925b1eb178
date: 2014-11-21 22:48 +0100
user: ziree
summary: FIRE-14471 - don't crash when quick prefs edtor tries to update values without having a control selected.

changeset: 42971:cec586b490f6
date: 2014-12-08 09:33 +0100
user: Ansariel
summary: FIRE-15085: Object view button on camera tools not working

changeset: 42972:32a493c57d99
date: 2014-12-11 11:05 +0100
user: Ansariel
summary: FIRE-15101: Fix bottom toolbar buttons show in mouselook;

This fix reverts the initial fix for FIRE-5141 (e756e5e01e11) and replaces it
with a more specific one: The panel for the bottom toolbar buttons will always
stay visible regardless if it contains buttons or not, unless the whole toolbar
itself will be hidden (which happens for mouselook in case the UI should not be
shown). This means the nearby chat bar can be resized unless being in mouselook
and having UI in mouselook disabled.

changeset: 42973:7dff8a88498f
date: 2014-12-11 19:23 +0100
user: Ansariel
summary: FIRE-15110: RLV @getattach command for “Center 2” attachment point doesn't work:

Need to omit the legacy attachment point name instead of the current bridge attachment point (Center 2)
Omit bridge attachment when calling @getattach

changeset: 42974:fdf1fd7884cf
date: 2014-12-11 17:08 -0500
user: Jessica
summary: Fixed opensim voice issue not reconnecting after Teleport. FIRE-15122. TY Cinder and Ans for your help.

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