Firestorm Release Notes 5.0.11 (53634) Release

Firestorm Release Downloads can be found HERE

This page shows all changes since the Release.
If you are updating from an earlier version then 5.0.7, see HERE for previous release notes.

For a summary of all the major new features and improvements in this release, please
see Inara Pey's Firestorm 5.0.11 blog post.

Linden Lab New Features and Improvements

  • Asset-Http Project
    This feature moves fetching of several types of assets to HTTP.
    This means that landmarks, wearables (system layer clothing and body parts), sounds, gestures and animations will now be fetched the same way as textures, mesh and avatar baking information via a direct query to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) instead of through the simulator.
    This should generally make loading of such content both faster and more reliable.
    Vir Linden
  • Lots and lots of Maintenance fixes
    Too many to list them all here.
    See the full change log for details.
    Highlighted fixes are listed below.
    Vir Linden, Eli Linden, Oz Linden, Nat Linden, Callum Linden, Mnikolenko ProductEngine, AndreyL ProductEngine, AndreyK ProductEngine, Daianak ProductEngine, Pavelk ProductEngine, Maxim ProductEngine, Ruslan ProductEngine

  • Added back the “Always allow 'create landmark`” group ability
    The “Always allow 'create landmark`” group ability was accidentally removed a while ago.
    Always allow 'create landmark` enabled on a group role allows members of that role to override the teleport routing (e.g. right click → teleport to) on the parcel if a landing point is set, as long as Direct Teleport is enabled on the region.
    This fixes BUG-100719
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed avatar physics bugging out at very low or very high FPS
    A long awaited fix to have you wiggling and jiggling at your very best.
    This fixes VWR-25545 and FIRE-12386
    AndreyK ProductEngine
  • Fixed assigning abilities to a group role & ticking “Manage ban list” causes other selected abilities to untick
    This fixes BUG-100854
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed chat history not displaying in the conversation log for groups that have a leading space in their name
    This fixes BUG-134021 and FIRE-21419
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed viewer silently emptying trash without the users request under obscure inventory folder states
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed number of items in the Trash not calculating correctly
    AndreyK ProductEngine
  • Fixed only being able to drag a folder into object contents if the folder was created ~ less then 24hours ago
    This fixes BUG-100805
    AndreyK ProductEngine
  • Fixed the “Show Place in Search” check box not showing as checked to non-land-owners
    This fixes VWR-5135 and FIRE-10383
    World → Parcel Details / About land → Options → Show Place in Search (L$30/week)
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed Flexi prim behaviour being FPS dependent
    AndreyK ProductEngine
  • Auto-open debug console if any “Info to Debug Console” operations are picked
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed changing avatar sex while sitting breaks animations until relogging
    This fixes BUG-8816
    DaianaK ProductEngine
  • Fixed “Ping Interpolate object positions”
    This fixes BUG-9367 and FIRE-16245
    AndreyK ProductEngine
  • Fixed shared media a great distance away sometimes plays at maximum volume when entering a region or moving camera slightly
    This fixes BUG-40937
    Callum Linden
  • Fixed Light does not reverting to a simple light when texture is set to none
    This fixes VWR-29185
    AndreyK ProductEngine
  • Fixed viewer crash when pasting empty string from clipboard
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed viewer crash when double clicking on scroll bar arrow in Outfit Gallery tab
    This fixes BUG-134022 and FIRE-21369
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed duplicate photos appearing in the Outfit Gallery
    This fixes BUG-134170
    Mnikolenko Productengine
  • Fixed viewer freezing when clicking on Help → About Second Life/Firestorm
    Daianak ProductEngine
  • Fixed crash when closing the 'Replace links' floater if a replace is in progress
    This fixes BUG-133986
    Fix contributed by Kitty Barnett (Catznip Viewer)

  • Merge up to Linden Lab viewer 5.0.8FIXME codebase
    Firestorm 5.0.11 is fully merged up to the FIXME Linden codebase, plus some cherry picked fixes from upstream.
    Ansariel Hiller

RLVa Fixes and Improvements

  • FIXED Disabled the “Show HUD Attachments” menu option if user is prevented to hide HUDs because of RLVa
    Avatar → Show HUD Attachments
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed discrepancy of anonymized avatar names under @shownames restriction
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Use legacy name to generate the anonymized name for @showname restriction to fix an edge case when a name could not be resolved, since simulator always sends names in legacy format
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Prevent cheating IM restriction via pay message
    This fixes FIRE-21803
    Ansariel Hiller

Skinning And Translations

  • New graphic for the Graphic Preset Switcher check mark for MetaHarper Modern BlackGlass skin
    This fixes FIRE-21069
    Nogardrevlis Lectar
  • Improvements to the inventory floater for AnsaStorm skin
    Changes include making the reset inventory filter easily accessible
    Ansariel Hiller
  • Slightly increase brightness of the scroll bars in AnsaStorm skin
    Ansariel Hiller
  • Translation updates and improvements
    German - Ansariel Hiller
    Polish - PanteraPolnocy
    Japanese - Hiroshi Kumaki

For Photographers

  • FIXED Increased total length of Twitter posts up to 280 characters and the photo no longer takes up characters when posting a snapshot to Twitter
    This fixes BUG-139289
    Ansariel Hiller

For Builders And Scripters

  • NEW Firestorm 5.0.11 64 bit Windows & Mac versions now have Havok support
    Firestorm was the first viewer to bring you the extra stability and memory profile of the 64-bit viewer, but until now that has been at the expense of one feature, the Havok libraries supplied by Linden Lab.
    As a result of the work that the Lab have done on their Alex Ivy 64-bit project, we are now able to bring you the long-anticipated, Havok-enabled 64-bit Firestorm, once again restoring all the functionality of the 32-bit viewer but keeping the stability and speed of the 64-bit viewer.
    Many of you will not have noticed anything missing, but for builders and those using features such as pathfinding, the lack of Havok limited certain functions. The most notable area was mesh upload.
    Firestorm never lost the ability to upload mesh (contrary to many incorrect rumors) but what Havok does provide is a few special functions that allow a mesh creator to optimize the physics shape of their works. This has now been fully restored to the 64-bit viewer.
    To celebrate this, Beq Janus, one of our developers has created a special physics-shape–viewing extension to the edit dialog.
    For creators, this means that you can now see exactly how your mesh will react to people walking and colliding with it, while for other users, it means you can check whether a physics shape exists before trying to rez an object, saving those “cannot rez here” messages and lost inventory.
    Linden Lab, Ansariel Hiller (Windows), Tonya Souther (Mac)
  • NEW Added the ability to view an object's physics shape in edit mode
    When editing an object, to the right of Physics Shape Type in the Features tab is a new eye icon. Clicking this switches in and out of physics view.
    Physics view will show the object's physics shape in a colour that reflects the physics cost.
    The physics cost is not normally used for prims, but becomes important if a prim is linked to a mesh, or has any modern feature such as a bump map applied to it.
    A low physics cost will be a passive blue, moving through a worrying orange to an angry red.
    If you plan to link a prim to a mesh or use any other modern feature it is worth checking this quickly to avoid your Land Impact (LI) from sky rocketing.
    Physics view is also useful to avoid the “can't rez here” simulator message - the physics shape view lets you see how the simulator sees the items when it is trying to work out where to place things, where you walk and how things collide.
    Physics view is disabled by default
    There is a free test kit available HERE
    See this blog post for more details.
    Top menu bar → Build → Options → Show Physics Shapen When Editing
    Build tools → Features tab → Toggle the eye icon to the right of “Physics shape type”
    Beq Janus
  • NEW Added the ability to show specific mesh LODs in edit and new mesh information added to the Object tab
    When editing a mesh object, on the Object tab you will find a new Mesh info panel that tells you how detailed each of the levels of detail in the model are by listing the number of triangles used to make it, it also allows you to preview the LOD models.
    A comparative table showing default LOD swap distance for the LL viewer, Firestorm, and then for your current LOD setting has also been added
    There is a free test kit available HERE
    See this blog post for more details.
    Beq Janus
  • FIXED Fixed broken rigging to attachment points
    To upload mesh rigged to attachment points, the debug setting FSEnableRiggingToAttachmentSpots must be set to TRUE
    This fixes FIRE-21000
    Beq Janus, Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed various material synchronisation issues
    This fixes FIRE-21375
    Build tool → Texture tab → Synchronize materials
    Beq Janus
  • FIXED Fixed the taper spinner ignoring build limits for some types if the editor has focus and up/down button is pressed
    This fixes FIRE-21785
    Ansarirl Hiller
  • FIXED Animation upload - fixed being unable to extend the frame loop slider past 100 frames
    This fixes FIRE-21330
    Build → Upload → Animation
    Beq Janus
  • FIXED Fixed tine numbers in the script editor not using the correct transparency
    This fixes FIRE-6955
    Ansarirl Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed the script editor ignoring the font selection and make it actually use Source Code Pro font
    Ansarirl Hiller

Audio / Voice

  • FIXED Fixed some sound alerts not playing correctly
    Play open sound again when opening outgoing voice call floater.
    Fixed sound for incoming IMs not playing.
    Play the correct sound for an incoming voice call.
    This fixes FIRE-21807
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed sounds stuttering in areas with a lot of sound sources
    The number of audio buffers has been increased from 40 to 60
    This fixes FIRE-4276 and BUG-9282
    Ansariel Hiller


  • NEW Added inviter username as a hyperlink to the ignored ad-hoc messages rejection notice in local chat
    You will see this feature when you are invited to an ad-hoc conference chat and you have “Automatically ignore and leave all conference (ad-hoc) chats” enabled.
    This feature was requested in FIRE-21385
    Preferences → Chat → Chat Windows → Automatically ignore and leave all conference (ad-hoc) chats
    Beq Janus
  • FIXED Fixed emotes ignoring the display name setting if “Use V1 style chat headers” is unticked
    This fixes FIRE-21298
    Preferences → Chat → Chat Windows → Use V1 style chat headers
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed being unable to disable the “Use built-in transcript viewer” setting
    This fixes FIRE-21321
    Prefecences → Privacy → Log & Transcripts → Use built-in transcript viewer
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed selecting a mix of active and inactive gestures disables both “Activate” / “Deactivate” menu options
    This fixes FIRE-5913
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed deleted gestures not being removed from the gestures floater
    This fixes FIRE-5939
    Ansariel Hiller

  • FIXED Fixed Area Search persisting search terms across instances
    This fixes FIRE-21396
    World → Area Search
    Ansariel Hiller

Inventory, Appearance, Avatar

  • NEW Experimental - Added an option to “reset” broken meshes worn on avatars due to stuck LOD
    Sometimes, perhaps you've been cam shopping, taking photographs or maybe even perving on your neighbours, then when you “snap back” to your room you find that your clothes are not rezzing properly.
    Resetting Mesh LOD fixes this.
    Note that this feature is experimental - while it works well to fix the broken LOD, it may cause attachments to be stuck at highest LOD for a while
    Pie menu: Right click avatar → Appearance → Reset → Mesh LOD
    Context Menu: Right click avatar → Reset Mesh LOD
    Triggering an avatar rebake with CTRL+ALT+R will also reset Mesh LOD on your own attachments
    Ansariel Hiller, Beq Janus
  • NEW Added the “Show in Main View” option to the Recent tab of inventory
    This feature was requested in FIRE-14599
    Right click item in Recent inventory tab → Show in Main View
    Ansariel Hiller
  • NEW Added a warning notification when deleting a folder of filtered content
    This feature helps to prevent accidental inventory loss when deleting a folder when some contents of the folder are hidden, for example when attempting to delete a folder from the Recent tab of inventory or when an inventory search term is active.
    The viewer will give the warning “Your inventory is currently filtered and not all the items you're about to delete are currently visible. Are you sure you want to delete this item? Yes/No”
    This feature was contributed to Linden Lab in STORM-2149
    Kitty Barnett (Catznip Viewer)
  • FIXED Fixed the “Show Original” menu context option sometimes hiding the Received Items folder in inventory
    This fixes FIRE-20553
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Experimental fix for impostered avatar animations playing at the wrong speed
    Henri Beauchamp (CoolVL Viewer), Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed Hover Height resetting on login or teleport under certain conditions
    This fixes FIRE-21489
    Ansariel Hiller

User Interface

  • NEW Added a copy URI button to own profile
    This feature was added to the Firestorm, Metaharper & Starlight skins only
    This feature was requested in FIRE-21241
    Beq Janus, Ansariel Hiller
  • NEW Improved unicode support on Windows
    Added Tahoma and Nirmala UI fonts as a fallback on Windows systems
    This fixes FIRE-20139 and will partially fix FIRE-19513 on Windows systems
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed docked QuickPrefs window closing upon new IM
    This fixes FIRE-21546
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed some floaters being brought to the front instead of getting toggled when using their toolbar button
    Ansariel Hiller


  • NEW Added a nag when RenderVolumeLODFactor is set too high
    Firestorm will now give a warning notification at login and when changing the RenderVolumeLODFactor setting if you have your RenderVolumeLODFactor set higher then 4.0
    WARNING: Your Level of Detail (LOD) seems to be set to a high value.
    Values higher than 8 are meaningless and give no improvement.
    You should set this to no higher than 4, and only in exceptional situations (like taking high-resolution photos).
    Setting this too high seriously lowers your graphics performance.
    For everyday use LOD set to 2 should suffice. If you own some objects that look deformed with such a value, then you should consider replacing them.
    For more information about why we have added this nag, please see this blog post by Beq Janus: For LOD's sake stop!
    Pantera Polnocy
  • NEW - Linux Only Added an option to remap special shortcuts on Linux already in use by the operating system
    Shortcuts already used by Linux (Ctrl-Alt-Fn) will be remapped to use Ctrl-Shift instead.
    Preferences → User Interface → 2D Overlay → Remap shortcuts already used by Linux (Linux Only)
    This feature was requested in FIRE-21625
    Thickbrick Sleaford, Ansariel Hiller
  • IMPROVEMENT Added Vignette settings to persisted graphic preset settings
    This improvement was requested in FIRE-21617
    Ansariel Hiller
  • IMPROVEMENT Changed the replat object to a box
    This was requested in FIRE-21504
    Mister Acacia
  • FIXED Firestorm now respects the “Hide pointer while typing” Windows preference setting
    This fixes STORM-2151
    Windows Settings → Mouse Properties → Pointer Options tab → Hide pointer while typing
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed the “broken” water in deferred rendering
    This fixes FIRE-21306
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed f.lux custom color profile will causing corrupted display after quitting the viewer
    This also fixes the same problem seen with other programs that set a custom colour profile, for example MSI True Color and Windows 10 NightLight.
    This fixes FIRE-12561, FIRE-21762 and BUG-202704
    Sovereign Engineer (Alchemy Viewer)
  • FIXED Aligned the viewer code to the server code when calculating physics shape for thin objects
    This fixes BUG-134006
    Beq Janus
  • FIXED Fixed the Check Grid Status toolbar button & help menu item not obeying the browser setting
    This fixes FIRE-21236
    Help → Check Grid status
    Beq Janus, Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed username & password not being remembered under certain conditions
    This fixes FIRE-21318
    Nicky Dasmijn
  • FIXED Fixed the login panel losing the entered username if the user couldn't be authenticated
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed the experience_events.xml log file growing indefinitely
    This fixes FIRE-21781
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Cleaned up various viewer log spam
    Ansariel Hiller

Performance and Stability Improvements

  • NEW Added new resource usage information to the inspect floater
    Added a Total Stats summary and additional columns for faces, vertices, triangles, texture memory (TMem) and VRAM to the inspect floater
    This feature was proposed in FIRE-21793
    Chalice Yao, Arcane Portal, Ansariel Hiller, based on code originally by Cinder Roxley (Alchemy Viewer)
  • CRASH FIX Fixed crash when changing “Let scripted objects see my current language setting” (preferences→ privacy) without connected region
    This fixes FIRE-21323
    Ansariel Hiller
  • CRASH FIX Fixed Firestorm crashing when rendering objects with bogus parameters
    This fixes FIRE-21308
    Beq Janus
  • CRASH FIX Various crash fixes from Catznip Viewer
    • Fixed access (read) violation using an LLViewerRegion after it's been freed.
    • Fixed access (read) violation on LLFloater:mFrontChild.
    • Fixed access (write) violation / buffer overrun in LLTextureFetchWorker:doWork().
    • Fixed access (read) violation using a LLVivoxVoiceClient:sessionState() after it's been free'ed.
      Kitty Barnett (Catznip Viewer)
  • FIXED Fixed performance drop when zooming out on the world map
    This fixes FIRE-21408
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Separated Asset and Texture Coroutine queues to prevent stalling of textures
    This fixes BUG-139123
    Sovereign Engineer (Alchemy Viewer)
  • FIXED Fixed clicking between the world and the inventory floater freezing the viewer
    Kitty Barnett (Catznip Viewer)

OpenSim New Features and Improvements

    If certain mesh objects are invisible on Firestorm 5.0.11 on OpenSim grids, set the debug setting FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck to FALSE.
    On OpenSim grids, mesh should never be uploaded using “Analyze”. Analyze should only be used on grids that support Havok.
    On Firestorm 5.0.11, mesh uploaded with Analyze is likely to render invisible when FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck is set to TRUE.
    An in-depth discussion about this problem can be found HERE

  • NEW Added support for Gloebit currency
    For more information about Gloebit, see About Gloebit
    This feature was requested in FIRE-21587
    Christopher Colosi (previously Colossus Linden)
  • NEW Added new OpenSim OSSL functions to the script library
    • osCollisionSound - Sets collision sound to impact_sound with specified volume.
    • osDie - Deletes an object depending on the target uuid. Note: Only allow osDie() on objects rezzed by the script prim Group (linkset) or on it self.
    • osGetPhysicsEngineName - This function returns a string containing the name and version number of the physics engine.
    • osGetPhysicsEngineType - This function returns a string containing the name of the Physics Engine.
    • osRequestSecureURL - Requests one HTTPS url (opensim version 0.9 or over).
    • osRequestURL - Requests one HTTP url (opensim version 0.9 or over).
    • osNpcSetProfileAbout - et about in created NPC's profile..
    • osNpcSetProfileImage - Set image in created NPC's profile.
    • osGetGender - Returns a string with one of the following values: male, female or unknown.
      This value is determined by the value selected for the avatar shape in the appearance dialog in the user's viewer.
      If that value cannot be found for any reason (avatar is not in the region, improperly formatted key, etc.), unknown is returned.
    • osGetHealRate - Gets the current automatic healing rate in % per second. Default heal rate is now around 0.5% per second.
      A value of zero can disable automatic heal, current maximum value is 100 % per second.
    • osSetHealRate - Sets the automatic healing rate in % per second. Default heal rate is now around 0.5% per second.
      A value of zero can disable automatic heal, current maximum value is 100 % per second.
    • osDrawFilledEllipse - Appends an FillEllipse drawing command to the string provided in drawList and returns the result.
      The filled ellipse is drawn with the current pen size and color, with the specified width and height (in pixels), centered on a point which is (width/2) pixels to the right of the pen's current X position, and (height/2) pixels below the pen's current Y position.
      After the filled ellipse is drawn, the width and height values are added to the pen's X and Y position, respectively.
    • osClearInertia - clears the effect of osSetInertia* functions.
      Link set total mass, center of mass and inertia will be the values estimated by default from the link set parts.
    • osGetInertiaData - No description available yet.
    • osSetInertia - Allows creators to set the major physics dynamic proprieties, replacing the values estimated from the linkset parts.
      Call osClearInertia to undo.
    • osSetInertiaAsBox - Allows creators to set the link set total mass, center of mass and moment of inertia. Moment of inertia will be the one of a box of size boxSize, placed at the center of mass and rotated by rot in the root prim local frame.
      Call osClearInertia to undo.
    • osSetInertiaAsCylinder - Allows creators to set the link set total mass, center of mass and moment of inertia.
      Moment of inertia will be the one of a cylinder of radius and length, placed at the center of mass and rotated by rot in the root prim local frame.
      Call osClearInertia to undo.
    • osSetInertiaAsSphere - Allows creators to set the link set total mass, center of mass and moment of inertia.
      Moment of inertia will be the one of a sphere of radius radius, placed at the center of mass.
      Call osClearInertia to undo.
    • osTeleportObject - No dedication available yet.
    • osGetLinkNumber - Returns the link number of the prim or sitting avatar with name“name”on the link set or -1 if the name is not found.
    • osDrawResetTransform - No description available yet.
    • osDrawRotationTransform - No description available yet.
    • osDrawScaleTransform - No description available yet.
    • osDrawTranslationTransform - No description available yet.
    • osSetDynamicTextureDataFace - No description available yet.
    • osGetNpcList - Returns a strided list of the UUID, position, and name of each NPC in the region.
    • osGetSimulatorMemoryKB - Returns the memory in use in KB by the current region.
      This fixes FIRE-21301
      Ansariel Hiller
  • IMPROVEMENT Updated the OSSL script library
    Vincent Sylvester kindly went over all the OSSL functions, sorted them alphabetically and added and changed what was missing or not accurate
    See Vincent's comments on FIRE-21301
    Vincent Sylvester
  • FIXED Fixed the Grid Status toolbar button being enabled on OpenSim
    Ansariel Hiller
  • FIXED Fixed inventory not loading properly on OpenSim
    This fixes FIRE-21376
    Ansariel Hiller


Firestorm JIRA Link Details Official viewer bug?1) New on 5.0.7?
FIRE-21308 Firestorm crashes on certain regions. No. Yes
FIRE-21292 [MAC 10.12.5] Gives error message on Mac when quitting the viewer. Mac Only No. Yes
FIRE-21298 Emotes using “/me” get the wrong name format BUG-100955 Yes
FIRE-21236 Help Menu - Check Grid Status doesn't open using External Browser Yes Yes
FIRE-21323 Viewer crashes when toggling “Let scripted objects see my current language setting” No No
FIRE-21264 Latest Intel graphics driver causes viewer screen to be too large, top menu bar missing & click area ~1cm too low BUG-100858 No, Driver bug.
FIRE-21071 Group profile - Crashing when creating an Admin Role Mac Only No No
FIRE-20848 Icecast & Shoutcast v2 audio streams drop out in-world BUG-41531 No
FIRE-19704 Viewer crashes uploading mesh that uses a cube as the physics file Mac Only No No
FIRE-19333 Legacy Profile 2nd Life Pic sometimes blurry and opens at 32×32 instead of full size N/A No
FIRE-18160 [CEF] Media volume control has no effect on media volume. Mac & Linux only BUG-11821 No
FIRE-18045 [CEF] SLPlugin crahes frequently on Vista Vista Only Yes but no bug report No
FIRE-17838 [CEF] NHC TV's will not play media on any CEF enabled viewer.
This problem can only be fixed by the TV creator.
BUG-11485 No
FIRE-17868 Viewer crashes in nvwgf2umx.dll when Nvidia Shadow Play is enabled when opening Help → Report bug, Help → About, & sometimes when detecting hardware during launch. BUG-11530 No
FIRE-17392 Counts of individual Roles are reported wrong in the Group info BUG-10804 No
FIRE-17101 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab. BUG-10447 No
FIRE-16745 Standing up from Groundsit triggers walk/run BUG-10122 No
FIRE-16672 [Linux 64bit] Media plugin gstreamer fail - linux x64
Linux 64bit Only
N/A No
FIRE-16496 [BigBird-merge] Using Wear to replace attachments sometimes incorrectly adds BUG-9454 No
FIRE-15854 Camming is broken in freeze frame mode once snapshot is refreshed since the STORM-2040 changes BUG-9021 No
FIRE-15967 Avatar moved underground when adding accessories to worn items while in edit mode. While wearing deformer skeleton. BUG-8616 No
FIRE-15852 Some rigged mesh avatars are deformed on post-attachment fix viewers for self and all observers BUG-9010 No
FIRE-12520 Highlight transparent no longer highlights particles that use a texture containing alpha BUG-4731 No
FIRE-12496 On Materials enabled viewers, textures containing alpha display as full bright if basic shaders are disabled BUG-4709 No
FIRE-12249 “Develop → Render Metadata → Avatar Hitboxes” makes eyes disappear No No
FIRE-12213 Enabling Advanced Lighting Model in graphics preferences causes horizon to invert BUG-4430 No
FIRE-12115 Hairbase renders incorrectly in edit appearance mode when ALM is enabled BUG-4367 No
FIRE-12072 Alpha masking is broken again on avatar clothing when ALM is enabled BUG-4357 No
FIRE-11929 Some prims have black moire-like patterns when ALM is enabled MAINT-3302 No
FIRE-11740 Mesh clothing with solid/sheer clothing combo pixelated
Mac only
MAINT-3238 No
FIRE-10883 Context Menu - The top of the right click menus are hidden No No
FIRE-10041 Rotating Objects flicker from a distance MAINT-2648 No
FIRE-10104 Camera won't follow objects when you paste new location using edit MAINT-2586 No
FIRE-7979 Changing from Ultra to Low with basic shaders disabled breaks much of the UI MAINT-3363 No
FIRE-6825 Show info - Show memory (usage) doesn't work
Mac and Linux only
MAINT-1421 No
FIRE-4963 using animation upload window disables physics wearables No No

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