FirestormTagColorThe tag color you wish to have
FSDontSendAvPhysicsparmsDon't send avatar physics parameters to server with shape for v1 compatibility
FSSecondsinChatTimestampsShow seconds in chat timestamps, in the chat window and logs
FSSortContacsByUserNameSort contact lists by username even if display name is shown
KittyFlickrIncludeSLURLIf showing the position of an image, whether an SLurl should be included in the description.
KittyFlickrlastRatingLast rating for Flickr upload. 1 - safe, 2 = moderate, 3 = restricted
KittyFlickrLastTagsLast tags used on Flickr upload
KittyFlickrNSIDNSID associated with Flickr account
KittyFlickrShowPositionWhether to show the position of a Flickr upload
KittyFlickrTokenToken used to authenticate with Flickr
KittyFlickrUsernameUsername associated with Flickr account
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