Help Wanted (RP)

One of the goals of the Firestorm Gateway is to introduce New-To-SL Residents to the various things that they can do in SL, in hopes that they will find something they enjoy doing. The expectation is that they will be more inclined to keep using SL when they discover something they truly enjoy.

RolePlay is very popular in Second Life, so the Firestorm Gateway has dedicated a large space for SciFi Roleplay. The RolePlay space gives a new user the opportunity to visit RolePlay sets, and to observe and/or participate in Roleplay. This lets them figure out if RolePlay is something they might enjoy doing.

It is also a place where existing RolePlayers who don't have a RolePlay home can come and enjoy themselves. It is also a place where Existing RolePlay groups can come to demonstrate what their group is about and to recruit new members for their group.

The “magic” of the Firestorm Gateway RolePlay area is that it brings experienced RolePlayers and new-to-Roleplay users together in a fun/safe environment. It is a win-win situation. Existing RolePlay groups benefit, because they can meet new-to-Roleplay individuals and tell them about their groups. New-To-SL Residents win because they get to see/experience high quality RolePlay and decide if it is something they might enjoy doing. Individual RolePlayers win because they have a safe and drama-free place where they can come to RolePlay.

RolePlay Opportunities on Firestorm Gateway

  • Drop-In Roleplay - 24×7 Drop-In Generic Sci-Fi Rolepay. This takes place at Callahan's Spiral Galaxy on the top deck of the Tempus Space Station.
  • Firestorm Gateway Starfleet - Independent Ships/Stations can partner with Firestorm Gateway
  • Star Trek Roleplay - This takes place on the USS Gateway (a Sovereign Class Starship) at scheduled RolePlay times.
  • Free-Form Roleplay - Individuals and Groups are permitted to user our RP facilities when they are not in use by scheduled RolePlay events. We have a generic SciFi Spaceship, the A.F.S.S Epsilon. We have a large space station where all decks except for the Upper Deck are available for space station RolePlay. We have a large Sovereign-Class StarTrek Starship called the USS Gateway.

(Please click the link for more information on each RolePlay Opportunity.)

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