The Firestorm Gateway wishes to promote Trek and other SciFi Roleplay to those who are new to SL. Our goal is to get those new-to-SL residents who are interested in Scifi and/or Trek RP connected with people/organizations that RP regularly. This helps them make a personal connection and makes them more likely to want to stay active in SL.

We invite existing Trek and Scifi RP organizations to partner with us. Partners would sponsor a weekly Roleplay in the Firestorm RP area, lasting a minimum of 1 hour. Your organization would have a scheduled weekly RP time, and would plan and lead the mission. You must provide a large enough crew that they could sustain it on their own in the event that no new residents come to any given RP session. Firestorm does have a mechanism to invite new people up to the Starship during the RP. Typically new people use it on any given RP session. Some will want to just watch and others will want to join in. Most of the time, we have been seeing 1 to 3 new people who want to join in the RP and another 5-10 who want to watch/observe part or all of the RP. But that can vary from week to week.

Firestorm RP partners are given the ability to send notices about their RP session to two separate groups… one for those interested in RP (roughly 1000 members) and another for those new to SL (over 34,000 members atm). They are also allowed to send notices about special RP events in their organization to the RP list.

Your crew members will have the ability to interact with and make friends with the new-to-SL and new-to-RP people who attend your RP. Once they have established a basic relationship, they are free to invite these people to visit/tour your Ship/Station. If they show an interest, it is fine to invite them to join your organization as well.

Firestorm's goal in doing this is to help the new-to-SL residents who like SciFi RP to hook up with those established groups and/or independent ships already doing RP. If a new resident becomes involved in your organization, this is a win-win situation. You win because your organization grows. We win because the new resident is connected in SL and more likely to keep logging in and being active in SL.

If you would like more information or would like to partner your group with Firestorm Gateway, please contact Teresa Firelight.

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