Firestorm Release Notes - Preview 2

**IMPORTANT!!** Uninstall previous Firestorm installations and make sure you install to a CLEAN EMPTY FOLDER! Do not overwrite an existing installation


Linux Debian:
Linux Ubuntu:

Change log and known issues.

  1. Radar Range limited to 400 meters (for now)
    • Age, Time since seen, Range
    • Double click> Name to cam
    • Radar reports to chat when avs enter/leave chat range
      • Prefs>Firestorm>Chat
        • (Known issue: People panel needs to be open)
    • Radar reports to chat when Avs enter/leave draw distance
      • Prefs>Firestorm>Chat
        • (Known issue: People panel needs to be open)
      • Right click> Name>
        • a View profile
        • Add friend
        • Remove friend
        • IM
        • Call
        • Map
        • Share
        • Pay
        • Block/Unblock (mute)
        • Offer teleport
        • Teleport to (known issue when either re above 1024)
  2. Legacy style Blue dialogs
  3. V1 style Legacy profiles on other avatars
  4. Right click menu in text editors>cut/copy/paste/select all/delete
  5. Media filter for added security
    • Prefs> Sound & Media> “Enable Media Filter”
  6. Let scripts control my play button for added security
    • Prefs> Sound & Media> “Allow scripts to play media”
  7. Inventory Right click > wear options
    • You can now wear an entire folder at once, if the folder contains attachments it will replace any currently worn on the attachment slots
    • The folder may contain multiple attachments on the same point, they will all be worn
  8. Friend Online/Offline notifications in chat
    • Prefs>Firestorm>Chat> “Friend on/off-line notices to nearby chat”
  9. Lots of translation UI fixes
  10. “:” as a synonym for “/me”
    • Prefs>Firestorm>Chat
  11. Auto close ((OOC) ) parenthesis
    • Prefs>Firestorm>Chat
  12. Dynamic positioning to stats bar parcel info
  13. Nearby chat button flashes on new messages now
  14. Rez under land group
    • Prefs> Firestorm> General> “Always res objects under land group”
  15. Firestorm preferences Panels (still in progress)
  16. Completed Shared parcel Windlight
    • Prefs> Firestorm>Windlight>
  17. Chat bar as Command line
    • Prefs>Firestorm>CmdLine
  18. Allow clicking self profile picture to pull up texture picker
  19. Ctrl-Shift-I now properly toggles people floater
  20. Improved compatibility with starlight skins for Firestorm Features
  21. Group notices are now drag-able
  22. Avatar name on window title (Windows only for now)
  23. Accordions replaced with tabbed layouts in most all panels for improved usability
  24. A lot of cleaning up, sorting, bug fixes to all panels inc
  25. Group UUIDS and Copy group SLURL in Group profiles
  26. Resizable camera floater with fixed highlights
  27. Basic derender functionality
    • Right click> Remove> Derender
  28. Stream song and artist information in chat
  29. Fixed issues with friend list and friend permissions in conversations floater not being the same as in the people panel
  30. Updates to GPU Table for supporting more video cards new and old
  31. Changed Top Panel favorites, location and search bar to stretch across the screen due to issues with huds
  32. Hide your lookat and point-at crosshair options in prefs
    • Prefs>Privacy> “Don’t send my …”
  33. Visual improvements to minimap
  34. LargeAddressAware builds for systems with more memory
  35. Right click > Edit on inventory items
  36. True disable camera constraints
    • Prefs>Move & View> “Allow greater camera freedom”
  37. Ability to open cache, chat logs, crash logs and settings folder locations buttons
    • Prefs> Network & Cache>
      • (Known issue: Only works on windows currently)
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