Reporting Abuse

If you are being abused in some way by another SL resident, or are subject to a griefer attack, then you should file an abuse report with Second Life. Do NOT use this lightly!

See this excellent post by Inara Pey for how to file effective abuse reports.

To file a report, to to the top menu, Help → Report Abuse. A window opens like the one shown here. Fill in the information to the best of your ability. Be concise but detailed.

Note: Try to be as specific as possible when describing the abusive incident. “Joe Resident is a jerk” isn't as helpful as “Joe Resident is shooting people with a gun that fires cows and has been using racist, offensive language.”

  • Screenshot: A screenshot of what's currently happening inworld, taken from your camera position.
  • Use this screenshot: Check this box to submit the screenshot above as part of the abuse report.
  • Reporter: Your Second Life avatar name. This cannot be edited.
  • Region: The inworld region where you are creating the abuse report. This cannot be changed.
  • Position: The coordinates on the inworld region where you are creating the abuse report.
  • Object picker: If you're being subjected to abuse by a scripted object, click this button, then click the abusive object inworld. Then:
    • Object: displays name of the abusive object.
    • Owner: displays owner of the abusive object.
  • Select category: Choose a category of abuse using this dropdown.
  • Abuser name: Defaults to owner of the selected abusive object. Click the Choose button to select the name of the Resident who's being abusive from the Choose Resident window.
  • Location of abuse: For your convenience the SLurl of the region where you are creating an abuse report appears here. If you have left the region where the abuse took place, open your Teleport History (via the Places button). Select the appropriate landmark. Click the Map button to open the World Map. Click the Copy SLurl button. Paste the SLurl in the Location of Abuse box.
  • Summary: Enter a brief description of the abusive incident.
  • Details: Enter a more detailed description of the abusive incident. Try to be specific about what type of abuse is occurring, how many Residents are being affected, and any other relevant details. See Filing an Abuse Report for more information and an instructive video.
  • Report Abuse: Send the abuse report to Linden Lab.


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