Area Search - List

The Area Search window may be opened from the top menu bar, World → Area Search.

It allows you to search for objects in the region. It is extremely flexible, and allows you not just to visually locate objects, but also to interact with them at a distance.

When you open the Area Search window, you start with the list view, as yet unpopulated. To do a full scan of all objects right away, click the Refresh button at the bottom of the window. Otherwise, you may first narrow your search criteria on the other tabs. These are described below.

If you want, you can filter out specific categories of objects; refer to Filter Tab for more on this.

Once you have a list of objects displayed, you can right click any one for a menu, which allows “long distance” interaction with the selected object:

  • Script Info: Shows current script information for the object; same asif you right-clicked it and select Script Info from the menu.
  • Touch: Simulates a left click on the object, a “touch”.
  • Teleport To: As it suggests, you are teleported to the selected object.
  • Inspect: Brings up the Inspect window for the object, showing object details.
  • Edit: Edits the selected object.
  • Return: Returns the object to its owner.
  • Delete: Deletes the objects
  • Blacklist: Adds the object to the Asset Blacklist - ie, it derenders it.
  • Buy Object: allows you to buy the object - assuming it is for sale.

At the lower right of the window is Show Beacons; this displays a crosshair beacon on all of the objects in the list. Useful mainly if you first narrowed your search criteria.

NOTE: Area search will list objects that the viewer is aware of. There are many objects in your vicinity that the viewer may not be aware of. So in order to have those picked up, turn around, and move around, or cam around. as the viewer picks up more objects, they will be added to the list. Similarly, if you cam or move away some distance, objects can drop off the list as the viewer “forgets” them.
The above is expected behavior, and not a bug.
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