Auto-replace allows for the dynamic replacement of text with other text. This can be used from situations such as automatically correcting words you commonly mistype, to a full blown macro system.

Replacements and expansions occur when the space bar is pressed, so when “afk” is typed it is expanded to ”(Away from Keyboard)” only *after* a space is added.

Important: This feature does not work with non-letter and non-characters. For example, a smiley like ”:)” cannot be transformed into ”???”, but one can transform “sm” into ”???”.

To access auto-replace, go to Avatar → Preferences → Chat → Typing → Auto-Replace.

  • Enable Auto-replace: Enables the auto-replacement mechanism.
  • Load List..: Allows a list of entries that can be replaced by specifying an XML file from the computer. To get the correct formatting of the file, use the Export List function (described below) and modify it accordingly.
  • List Names: Provides a list of all the entries that can be auto-replaced. Selecting one, shows the list of search keywords and what text they are replaced with.
  • Delete List: Removes the list of abbreviations.
  • Export List: Exports the list of abbreviations so that they can be saved the computer. The format is XML.
  • List Entries: Provides a two-column list of items to search for and what to replace an item with.
  • Enabled: When checked, enables this list to be considered to replace words.
  • Priority: Identifies the sequencing that each list has for items. If two lists contain the same search keyword term, there first list (in terms of priority) that matches it is the replacement that takes place. The other replacement on a lower priority list is ignored.
  • Show Notification: When checked, puts a notice in local chat that a word was auto-replaced and puts a notification window in the lower right window with the same message.
  • Word Style: When checked, only full words are replaced. When not checked, the individual matching letters or words found in each word are replaced.
  • Add Entry: Adds a notice in local chat on how to add new words to the list. The format is:
    Only adds an entry if the name specified for “LIST” matches one of the entries shown under List Name.
  • Remove Entry: Removes an entry from a list. Any entry can be removed from any list.
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