For bake fail issues on grids which do not have Server Side Appearance, please refer to this page.

The introduction of Server Side Appearance (SSA) has resulted in a significant reduction of problems concerned avatar bake fail (ie, skin or layered clothing failing to rez, your avatar remaining a cloud, etc). SSA completely changes how avatar textures are handled, and the new process is far less prone to errors introduced by connection or region problems.

Nonetheless, problems may occur and are largely due to network connection problems. This page addresses the known issues and offers solutions.

If you receive a message that the system has “Failed to find [name of any item] in the database” every time you try to wear or remove something, please see this page first Failed to find in database.

First Steps

  • In your inventory, find a different shape from the one you normally use, and wear it, replacing the one you have on. If that doesn't fix the issue, then do the same thing for your
    • system skin
    • system eyes
    • system hair base
    • If that doesn't work, read on.
  • If you have RLV enabled, in Preferences → Firestorm → Extras (top option), disable it and relog, then try the above step again.
  • Go to one of the following locations, and remain there while working through the rest of this page:
  • Your inventory needs to be fully loaded before you will bake. Click on the Recent tab of the Inventory window. Make sure that the inventory count doesn't say “Fetched” or “Fetching”; if it does, your inventory is still loading. Let it finish. If it isn't moving, try typing random characters into the inventory search box.
    Should your inventory not fully load, please refer to this page for help on getting it to load.
    Once you have done that, try the first bullet point again.
  • Select a different outfit in your Outfits folder and select Replace Outfit.
  • Make sure that all of the 4 required system parts are worn:
    • Method 1: In your Inventory window, Inventory tab, Current Outfit folder, make sure the four required system parts all show as worn: shape, skin, eyes, hair base. If not, right-click them and wear them.
    • Method 2: Open the Appearance window (Avatar menu → Appearance), go to the Wearing tab, scroll to the bottom, and make sure that the last four items listed are your shape, skin, hair and eyes. If one of those items is missing, find it in inventory and wear it.
    • If you are unable to wear all 4 items, create a new folder in your inventory with the 4 basic items, plus system clothing if you wish (no attachments). Then right click the folder and select Replace Outfit.
  • If you are connected via cellphone, you will most likely see yourself and everyone grey. You need to have a decent internet connection. So if possible, switch to that, then see if you rez in normally.
  • Reboot your router/modem.
  • If none of the above helps, then continue reading.

Avatar Is Invisible

If you have more than one monitor, and run Firestorm on any but the primary, try moving the Firestorm window to the primary monitor.

If this doesn't help, continue with the next section.

Avatar Textures Remain Blurry

This also applies if you are a cloud.

The best way to fix this is not via the usual rebake (Ctrl-Alt-R), but instead by right clicking your avatar name tag and selecting Tex.Refresh:

  • Context menu: right click → Texture refresh
  • Pie menu: Right click → Appearance → Tex refresh.

This is generally the result of the viewer not loading or using all the bake data - which may be a sign of a connectivity problem. If it persists, try going to a different region, preferably a known low lag one like Hippo Hollow or Cyclops.

For more info, you can refer to this JIRA.

Avatar Textures Remain Grey

The first thing to try is a Tex.Refresh, as described above.

If this does not help, chances are very good that one of the textures on the (layered) clothing you' re wearing, is bad.

  • Remove all worn layered clothing, tattoos and alphas, then Tex.Refresh as described above.
  • If this results in a fully baked, naked avatar, start re-adding the clothing layers, one at a time. One will probably show entirely or partly grey. This will be the one with the corrupted texture(s), and needs replacing.
  • If you are still grey, or partly grey with no layered clothing worn, try a different avatar skin, see if that rezzes in correctly. If so, then the problem is with the avatar skin.

For more info, see this LL JIRA.

This issue can also occur if you are using a cellphone connection to access SL. This is currently under investigation by LL. For more, refer to this forum thead.

This issue can also occur if you are having DNS problems. The DNS problems usually occur in such a way that the only symptom you will see will be grey avatar textures and the problem can be intermittant. The workaround for this is to change your DNS to Google Public DNS.

Changed Clothing Doesn't Update for Others

If you find that a change of outfit can be seen by you, but not by others, then you most likely are affected by this issue: SUN-99. This seems to be the result of using a certain other third party viewer. Only LL can fix this issue; you will need to file a support ticket with them.

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