The Firestorm client bridge is a scripted object that serves to enhance the user experience in ways that a viewer could not do otherwise.

If you are logging in with Firestorm for the first time, the bridge will be created automatically, and placed in a special folder in your inventory, called #Firestorm. The bridge will be named something like #Firestorm LSL Bridge v2.21 (the last numbers are the current version).

You do not need to log in to a parcel where you have build rights, in order for the bridge to be created. However, the parcel must be script enabled for you or the bridge script will not be able to initialize.

If for any reason you need or wish to detach the bridge, you may do so; it will not reattach automatically. To get it back on, you may rewear it, or, using the top menu bar, go to Avatar → Avatar Health → Recreate LSL Bridge. This will “clean up” any old bridges and make a new one.

Note: The bridge will not detach when using wear or Replace Outfit.

The bridge uses HTTP to communicate, which is inherently more secure than listens.

The bridge is created using an object from the SL standard library, which is part of your default inventory. For this reason, hiding the library is disabled.


Currently, the Firestorm bridge supports the following functions:

  • Flight Assist: The Firestorm bridge has a built-in flight assist. This may be enabled in Preferences → Firestorm → Extras → Enable Bridge Flight Assist. Note that if you enable this, you should not wear any scripted flight assist; using both will cause them to conflict, with undesired results. The flight assist allows flight above 5,000 meters and provides a speed boost. The amount of boost can be selected in Preferences → Firestorm → Extras.
  • Script Count: If you right click you avatar, or any object, and select “Script Info” from the context menu, Firestorm will output a line of information similar to this:
    [17:16] Script info: '[avatar name]': [22/22] running scripts. 1408Kb consumed for 0.015702ms of cpu time.
    This indicates how many scripts the object contains, how much memory they are using, and the script time.
  • Radar: Radar functions are assisted by the bridge, particularly when people are beyond your draw distance. Enable in Preferences → Chat -> Radar → Enhance radar with LSL-client bridge.
  • Movelock: This function (in top menu, Avatar → Movement → Movelock) requires the bridge for it to function.
  • Additional Movelock functions: Firestorm -> Move & View -> Movement Always re-lock position after region change, and Lock and unlock position after stopping or starting movement.

Other features are planned, but not yet implemented.

For known issues with the Firestorm bridge, and how to deal with them, please refer to this page.

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