NOTE: If you are on Firestorm 4.4.2, the bridge will not work, unfortunately.
NOTE: The Firestorm bridge will not be created if you are on a parcel which has scripts disabled. If this is your case, please find a parcel where scripts are enabled for you and try to create it manually:
top menu bar, Avatar → Avatar Health → Recreate LSL Bridge.

There are some known issues with the Firestorm bridge:

  • If you log in and find yourself wearing a rock, detach it from yourself. To do this:
    • Go to Preferences → Firestorm → Extras and disable the bridge
    • open top menu → Advanced → Debug Settings, and type in: ProtectBridgeFolder; set to FALSE, close the Debug Settings window.
    • open the #Firestorm folder in your inventory, and in that, the #LSL Bridge folder
    • detach the #Firestorm LSL Bridge, then delete it
    • search your inventory for any other copies of the bridge and delete them all, including any links to bridges
    • empty your trash
    • relog
    • re-enable ProtectBridgeFolder
    • re-enable the bridge
    • generate a new one bridge: use the top menu bar, go to Avatar → Avatar Health → Recreate LSL Bridge.
  • If you have the bridge recreating on each log in or each TP, this is likely related to your connection. So, please make sure your bandwidth is set correctly, per this page - and please follow the steps exactly.
    If you need to get rid of excess bridges that may have accumulated due to this frequent recreation, proceed as above.
  • If you find that your hair suddenly appears to be attached to a place other than your head, even after a relog, then proceed as described above.
  • Attempting to wear the bridge manually while it is being created can “break” it. When bridge creation begins, you will see a message in local chat; when creation is complete, you will see another message. During this period, do not attempt to do anything with the bridge; allow it to finish.
  • If you use another viewer after Firestorm, the Firestorm bridge will display a message to local chat. It should, however, recognize that a different viewer is being used, and not repeat this message again. Should it happen that the message repeats, simply detach the bridge while in the other viewer.
  • If you are wearing a bridge from an older version of Firestorm, the bridge will (correctly) detach but a new one will not be made. To have a new one generated, use the top menu bar, go to Avatar → Avatar Health → Recreate LSL Bridge. This will “clean up” any old bridges and make a new one.
  • If the bridge is persistently unable to finish recreating itself, even on script-enabled land, and you have already relogged and tried Avatar → Avatar Health → Recreate LSL Bridge several times, try clearing your inventory cache in Avatar → Preferences → Network & Files → Directories; click the “Clear Inventory Cache” button there and relog.
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