Firestorm has the ability to have its built-in animation overrider controlled by a script inworld. There are two interfaces, one compatible with the OpenCollar attachment protocol, the other compatible with the LockMeister restraints interface.

This can be disabled in PreferencesFirestorm -> Avatar - bottom two options.


The LockMeister interface is simple to use. Any item wishing to control the AO needs to send a message on the LockMeister channel, -8888. The message consists of the key of the targeted avatar followed immediately by the word “booton” to turn on the AO or “bootoff” to turn it off. For example, “12345678-1234-1234-1234-abc123456789booton” would enable the AO of the avatar whose key was 12345678-1234-1234-1234-abc123456789.

The full protocol is described on this page.

Click here for a test script.


The OpenCollar interface is more complex to use. Its main advantage is that it was designed to be compatible with the protocol used by the OpenCollar Sub AO. The full protocol is described on this page. It is also less resource-intensive, as the protocol was designed to be controlled by only one device, which relieves it from hearing large numbers of messages not intended for it.

To begin, the controlling device announces its presence on the command channel by saying “OpenCollar=Yes”, either when it is attached or rezzed, or when requested by the bridge, which will send a message “OpenCollar?” when it is rezzed. Once it has done so, it may then send a message to enable the AO, or disable it: “499|ZHAO_AOON” to enable it, or “499|ZHAO_AOOFF” to disable it. The controlling device should send the message “OpenCollar=No” when it is shut down or derezzed, or no longer desires to control the AO.

It's important to note that the OpenCollar interface assumes there is only one controlling device. A second device will not be able to gain control of the AO, since the bridge will only listen to the sender of an OpenCollar=Yes message it receives until it is rerezzed or reset; other senders simply will not be heard.

Click here for a test script.

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