This page shows which settings are affected by enabling the Firestorm viewer mode at log in.

Please do not alter debug settings unless you know what you are doing. If the viewer “breaks”, you own both parts.

Some settings may have side effects, and if you forget what you changed, the only way to revert to the default behavior might be to manually clear all settings.
Information current for Firestorm 5.0.11
Setting Default Description
ChatOnlineNotification 0 Provide notifications for when friend log on and off of SL
EnableGroupChatPopups 0 Enable Incoming Group Chat Popups
EnableIMChatPopups 1 Enable Incoming IM Chat Popups
FSChatWindow 1 Show chat in multiple windows(by default) or in one multi-tabbed window(requires restart)
FSColorClienttags 2 Color Client tags by: 0=Off, 1=Single color per Viewer, 2=User defined color (one color per UUID), 3=New Tagsystem Color
FSConsoleClassicDrawMode 1 Enables classic console draw mode (single background block over all lines with width of the longest line)
FSFolderViewItemHeight 18 Controls the height of folder items, for instance in inventory
FSScriptDialogNoTransparency 1 If true, script dialogs will be shown opaque and ignore the floater opacity settings.
FSShowChatType 0 Shows/Hides the chat type selector (Whisper, Say, Shout)
FSShowMouselookInstructions 0 If true, instructions about leaving Mouseview are displayed.
FSSkinCurrentReadableName Firestorm The readable name of the currently selected skin.
FSSkinCurrentThemeReadableName Grey The readable name of the selected theme for the current skin.
FSUseNearbyChatConsole 1 Display popup chat embedded into the read-only world console (v1-style) instead of overlayed floaters (v2-style)
FSUseWebProfiles 0 Shows web profiles instead of the v1-style profile floater
LetterKeysAffectsMovementNotFocusChatBar 0 When printable characters keys (possibly with Shift held) are pressed, the chat bar does not take focus and movement is affected instead (WASD etc.)
OnlineOfflinetoNearbyChat 1 Send online/offline notifications to Nearby Chat panel (v1-style behavior)
OpenSidePanelsInFloaters Open Panels in Floaters
PlainTextChatHistory 1 Enable/Disable plain text chat history style
ShowChatMiniIcons 0 Toggles the display of mini icons in chat history
ShowGroupNoticesTopRight 1 Show group notifications to the top right corner of the screen.
ShowNavbarNavigationPanel 1 Show/Hide Navigation Bar Navigation Panel
ShowNetStats 1 Show the Status Indicators for the Viewer and Network Usage in the Status Overlay.
ShowRadarMinimap 0 Toggle visibility of the embedded minimap in the radar panel
SkinCurrent firestorm The currently selected skin.
SkinCurrentTheme grey The selected theme for the current skin.
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