The viewer shows the time of day in at least one place, that being the right end of the menu bar. There it shows time in either 12-hour or 24-hour format, and either PST (Pacific Standard Time) or PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). The viewer may also show timestamps in chat and the Conversation Log; those are also PST or PDT and are always 24-hour format. As of Release, if you show timestamps for Teleport History, you have the choice ( In Gear menu >Select Timezone) of UTC/GMT (7 or 8 hours before SLT, depending on Daylight Savings), SLT or your Local Timezone (and is in 24-hour format). Group Notices display PST/PDT in the Group Notice Toast (in 12-hour format), PST/PDT (24-hour Format) in the Notifications Window and in the Group Profile Notices in GMT/UTC in 24-hour format.

If your computer's default language is English then it will show 12-hour format; French and German, among others, will show 24-hour time. But if your computer does not have a default language installed, the viewer will show 24-hour format. There are two ways to resolve this:

  • Install a default language in your computer. How to do this depends on the operating system.
    • Mac if necessary
    • Linux, though a default language is chosen during install
  • Change the default language in Preferences → General, although this may not always work.

Remember to reboot your computer if you change its configuration, and restart Firestorm if you change a viewer setting.

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