If you log into Firestorm and your friends list shows as empty, there may be several causes - and solutions.

  • If you only see the first letter or small part of names in the Contacts list, followed by dots but you can see the names in hovertips, then your window simply needs to be resized. Hover your mouse over the bottom right hand corner and resize it.
  • If your friends list and groups list are both empty, or partly empty, make sure the contacts window is wide enough to display them; try making it wider.
  • If your friends list and groups list are both empty, or partly empty, chances are high that it is a simple matter of region or network lag. Try relogging to see if that helps. Relogging to another region is a good idea.
  • HTTP fetching may be overloading your router; please try the suggestions given here; if they do not help, revert the changes made then return to this page and continue. * If both lists are empty and you disconnect on every teleport, can't initiate IM sessions then you most likely have this issue VWR-25426 or VWR-26759 if you are on a Mac and this issue only happens to you on Mesh enabled viewers. This issue can also, apparently, be triggered by time change (ie, daylight savings).
    The fix here is to set up Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.
    For Mac users, this is part of a set of DNS-related issues. Please see the “Mac-specific” section of this page for instructions and explanation.
  • Your friends list and groups are empty, TP fails, music fails and you have a large inventory, your inventory size may be preventing the viewer from fetching the friends list while it fetches. So try going to the top menu bar → Develop (Press Ctrl-Alt-Q if the Develop menu is not visible), then disable HTTP Inventory. Then relog.
  • If your friend list is empty, but your list of groups is fine:
    • Look in Preferences → Chat … if you have Show IMs in Separate Windows enabled, then set it instead to Tabs and relog. See if this fixes the issue. 18)
    • Have you undocked your contact list from conversation window? If so, redock it and relog. 19)
    • Open the Advanced menu (Ctrl-Alt-D) if you cannot see it in the menu bar, then go to Debug Settings; type in FontScreenDPI. Make sure this is at the default, 96.
    • Ensure that your operating system font scaling (DPI) is set to the default value.
    • In Advanced → Debug Settings, ensure that LogShowHistory is set to TRUE; if it was FALSE, set to TRUE and relog.

18) , 19)
Fixed in FIRE-3066 for Firestorm 3.2.1 and newer
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