This is a collection of error messages seen in SL. Some are system messages; some are viewer-generated. The list is by no means complete.

If you get an error message that is not on this page, please:

  • Report it in Firestorm Support English (in-world support group)
  • Or File a Jira alerting us to it (please provide the complete, exact wording of the message; a screenshot is also helpful).
  • If you found a solution or explanation, please let us know that too.


Messages Mentioning Animations

Error Remedy
“PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set” This message usually comes from an AO or other scripted item, dropped in world. It can also come from a badly scripted object that doesn't check it has perms before animating, such as a badly written poseball.

Messages Mentioning Attachments, Clothing, Body Parts, or Other Wearables

Error Remedy
“You can't attach multiple objects to one spot” message when detaching from avatar. That will happen if the user somehow has a coalesced object in their Current Outfit folder. Delete that link from the Current Outfit folder.
“The outfit folder contains no clothing, body parts, or attachments.” See Empty Outfits

Messages Mentioning Certificates

Error Remedy
“Unable to find a valid certificate” See Second Life: Unable_to_find_a_valid_certificate.

Messages Mentioning Credentials or Passwords

Error Remedy
“We were unable to decode the file storing your saved login credentials” (or) “Failed to decode login credentials” See Failed to Decode Login Credentials

Messages Mentioning Clock or Time

Error Remedy
“Unable to connect to Second Life.
Often this means that your computer's clock is set incorrectly.
Please go to Control Panels and make sure the time and date are set correctly.”
See Second Life: Clock is set incorrectly.

Messages Mentioning Connections or Networks

Error Remedy
“Unable to establish a secure connection to the login server” See Second Life: Unable to establish a secure connection to the login server .
“Second Life has detected corruption in either your network transmissions or the files it's attempting to read on your hard drive. You might also be logging in from an invalid location.” See Second Life: Mangled network data.
“ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Code: -101” There are many google hits for this; your solution may vary, so please research this on the web. One user has reported that the problem was caused by an ad blocker.

Messages Mentioning Media

No Media Plugin was found to handle the “text/html” mime type. Media of this type will be unavailable.
media plugin (cef) failed
(exact wording needed)

Messages Mentioning Regions

Error Remedy
“Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region.” 1) Have the region restarted; this will usually fix it.
2) If a region restart doesn't clear it up, the sim owner may need to ask LL to move the sim to another server channel.
“We are sorry, Linden Lab has discovered degraded performance on your connection to the region you are on. You will need to restart Second Life and log into a new region for the next 30 minutes to an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Delete landmarks, especially favorite landmarks. If they point to an invalid location, it can cause this message.
This may also mean exactly what it says; follow the instructions.

Messages Mentioning SLVoice, SLPlugin, or LLCefLib

Error Remedy
“Do you want the application 'SLVoice' to accept incoming network connections?” Mac – This is a message from your computer's firewall. You should choose “Allow” for voice to work.

Messages Mentioning Teleports or Access to Destinations

Error Remedy
“Sorry, you do not have access to that teleport destination.” 1) This may mean that you're not on the access list. Talk to the owner.
2) This may mean that the location is temporarily closed to public access. Try later.
“Teleport failed. Failed to grant capabilities.” This may mean that the region is having temporary problems. Try again later.
“Teleport failed. No valid parcel could be found.” This may mean the location no longer exists.
(There may be other reasons for this message; please let us know if you find one.)

Messages Mentioning Textures

Error Remedy
“# of textures discarded” message usually followed by a crash Relog right away to prevent a crash. Then see Textures Discarded for things to do.

Messages Mentioning Video Cards, Drivers, or Hardware

Error Remedy
“Firestorm is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly or are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers, and even if you do have the latest, try reinstalling them. If you continue to receive this message, contact the Second Life Support Portal” See Intel Fix 32-Bit

Messages Mentioning Voice

Error Remedy
“We're having trouble connecting to your voice server”…(server URL)…“Voice communications will not be available. Please check your network and firewall setup.” This is the usual voice error message. See Voice Troubleshooting

Unclassified Messages

Error Remedy
“Index out of range: 34 not in [ 0, 11]” From the login screen, open the Debug Menu - Show Debug Settings - RenderDebugGL. Set to FALSE. Relaunch the viewer and login.
“newview/llappviewer.cpp(1838): Unhandled exception caught in bool”
_cded LLAppViewer::frame(void): No diagnostic information available
If the error happens in only one region, clear cache
“Must supply a comment for control content” The installation is corrupt. Uninstall Firestorm, delete the installer, clear your web browser's cache (or use a different browser) and download a fresh installer from and install that.
“cannot rez here because the owner does not allow it” (exact wording needed) If you are trying to rez on top of mesh, rez on regular terrain or on a prim instead
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