When you export an object from Second Life to your hard drive, there are several rules and limitaitons you need to be aware of.

Object Backup

  • If you did not create the object, it will fail to back up.
  • If you are not the creator of all prims in an object, any prims you did not create will be replaced by a default cube.
  • Textures that you uploaded will be backed up; if you did not upload the texture yourself, it will be replaced, on the prim face(s), with the default plywood texture.
  • Sculpt maps not uploaded by you will be replaced with the default “apple” sculpt map.
  • If you are not the creator of an asset in the contents of an object, it will not be backed up.
  • Notecards contained within objects, which themselves contain embedded assets, will not have those assets backed up, even if it may appear to have done so when you attempt to import.
  • Object Backup will not back up mesh objects, nor anything that contains a mesh object.

Other notes:

All asset types within an object are exported, with the caveat that importing some types to other grids will result in broken assets, since they refer to things that do not exist on other grids. For example, a wearable will refer to one of more tetxure UUIDs which exist in the grid from which the wearable was exported, but not in the grid to which it is being imported - certainly not with the exact same UUID. On the other hand, asset types like shapes are “self contained”: they do not reference other assets.

Textures inside objects will be backed up - per the rules above.

There is currently no support for materials.

Collada Export

The same basic rules apply as above, with the following differences:

  • The Collada Export works also with Mesh objects and linksets that contain Mesh.
  • Anything contained within the object being exported, will not be exported (since this is not supported by the file format).
  • Any part of the object that is not made by you will not be replaced by a default, but will instead simply be skipped.
  • There is materials support for objects saved as Collada.
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