So you've been asked to remove some scripts, or you just want to keep your script count as low as possible.

There are two ways of finding script information

Script Count

Script Count is a function of the Firestorm LSL Bridge which needs to be attached and enabled. Right click your name tag, skin or other non-prim, non-mesh portion of your avatar and choose Script Info. This will report in nearby chat the total number of scripts you are wearing, as well as how much script memory and time they consume. But this only gives a total, it doesn't show where they are.

Script Info

Script Information

Go to the World menu > Parcel Details, then the General tab. At the bottom, click the Script Info button. Finally, click the Avatar tab.

This will list every attachment you are wearing that has at least one script in it. It will show how much memory each attachment consumes, which can give you a very rough estimate of the number of scripts in that attachment. Scripts use either 16kb or 64kb, depending on how they were compiled (LSL or mono, respectively). Numbers higher than that usually means multiple scripts in that object.

Remove the attachment via your Inventory, or by right clicking the object itself.

If the object is copy and mod you can make a copy 1) of it; then, working on the copy and not the original, remove the scripts from it (Build Menu, Scripts sub-menu, Remove scripts from selection).

Some scripted objects that are no-mod may have a menu function to remove some or all of the scripts. Again, make sure you work with a copy of the object.

You can right-click the object in Inventory, even while wearing it, and choose Copy. Then right-click again and choose Paste.
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