Growl is a notification system which allows applications to send notifications about events. Firestorm can use this to alert you of received IMs, when you are working in other applications. This is set in PreferencesNotifications -> World -> Enable Growl Notifications.

For more information on Growl, see this Wikipedia article, or visit the Growl website.

NOTE: Do NOT enable Growl in the viewer this unless you actually have Growl installed and active. Enabling this option without having growl installed will result in small freezes when someone messages you or goes on/offline.

Obtaining Growl

  • linux: Growl is implicit in libnotify, which should come already installed in most distros. However, if you are on a 64-bit linux, you may need to install the 32-bit version of libnotify. For ubuntu and similar (like mint), run the following command:
    sudo apt-get install libnotify4:i386
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