Object Import

This window opens when you select, from the top menu bar, Avatar → Upload → Import Linkset, or Build → Upload → Import Linkset.

It allows you to import objects which you have previously exported. For more general information on exporting and importing, see here.

First click on the Choose File button, which opens the file picker window so you can browse to the file you wish to import.

Once the file has been selected, you can specify import options:

  • Do not attach object: Enable this if you do not wish to automatically wear objects that were exported while worn.
  • Restore Region Position: Create the imported object at the same region coordinates at which it was exported.
  • Upload: Upload any associated textures as well; this has a L$10 cost per texture.
    Note that if you disable this, but already have the textures in your inventory, the object will have the textures correctly applied - since you own the texture referenced by the UUID.

Click the Import button to start the import. The object will be created near you - unless you are importing an attachment, in which case it will automatically attach once created.

Closing the Import window before import has completed, may crash you, so don't do that. ;-)
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