NOTE: “Legacy” Search All will not be implemented, as it is totally “broken” server-side.
Legacy Search can break at any time, should LL decide to disable it.

It is also important to bear in mind that “Legacy” Search accesses a different SL search engine than the default search in Firestorm; this is the search engine used by Phoenix and other V1-based viewers. Thus you can and probably will get different results when search. Search results do not depend on the viewer, but rather on the data returned from SL.

Currently, Legacy Search is available via a toolbar button. You may add the button to your button bar as follows:

  • right click any button on your button bar;
  • select Toolbar buttons… from the menu that appears;
  • this opens the toolbar buttons window;
  • locate the Legacy Search button in this window;
  • left click and hold the button, then drag it onto the toolbar, where you like;
  • remember that there are three toolbars avarailable: bottom, left, right - the button can be placed on any of these.

The window may also be opened from the top menu bar → Content → Legacy Search.

Legacy Search

The Legacy Search search window resembles the one shown here (currently showing the results of a search for a person).

The radio buttons across the top allow you to select what type of search you wish to perform. Currently supported are:

  • People
  • Groups
  • Places
  • Classifieds

Select the type you wish, then type the search string into the wide bar, and click Find. The results, if any, will be shown below. You can click any result line to display more information on the right side of the window.

Depending on the Maturity Rating you have set in PreferencesGeneral, you can restrict your search to:

  • General
  • Moderate
  • Adult
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