Small Prims Vanish Even when Quite Close

You may find that parts of jewelry items or shoes might disappear even when you are viewing them from a relatively close range, and that the only way to get them to show up is to right-click and edit them. In most cases, this can be dealt with as follows:

1. Via preferences:

  • Top Menu Avatar → Preferences or Ctrl-P
  • Click on the Graphics tab
  • In the General tab, set Level of Detail (LOD) Distance Factors → Objects & Sculpts LOD to 2.

2. Via quick preferences (bottom button bar that has the phoenix logo in it):

  • Move LOD Factor slider to 2.

Now cam away from yourself then back and you should find that the small prims are rendering better. You can experiment with the LOD Factor values. Be aware that going too low will make large prims (especially sculpted prims) start to look very strange even from relatively close up, so don't go too low; 2 is the recommended minimum. The suggested range is 2 to 3. But as always, your mileage may vary.

For much more detail on this, please read this blog post.

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