“Look At” is the name given to a beacon, cross hairs, which indicate where an avatar's camera is focused. Where an avatars camera is focused is not necessarily where they are looking, it is only where the focus point is.

If you want to know what the crosshair colors mean, please refer to this SL wiki page.

How do I See Where Others are Looking?

To see where other avatars have focused their camera:


  • Develop (Ctrl-Alt-Q if the menu is not shown) → Avatar → Show Look At

Please note that others can disable their Look At from being seen (see below), so enabling this doesn't guarantee that you will see everyone's camera focus.

Note also that this doesn't show you your own Look At beacon, but see below.

How do I Prevent Others from Seeing Where I am Looking

In order to prevent others from seeing where your camera is focused:

  • Preferences → Privacy → LookAt → Don't send my look at targets to others - Check

How do I see My Own LookAt?

Enable Go to Preferences → Privacy → LookAt → Don't show any look at targets at all, not even to myself - disable.

LookAt Color Codes

Refer to this page.

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