Mouselook is a view familiar to gamers, particularly “first person shooter” games. It is required in some situations in Second Life, particularly in role play, where shooting weapons of some kind is needed.

In mouselook, mouse movement changes the camera view. Typically also, clicking the left mouse button activates an action, such as shooting.

Activating Mouselook

First of all, check to be sure that mouselook functionality is enabled in PreferencesMove & View -> Mouselook -> Enable Mouselook functionality.

Now, mouselook may be activated in a few ways:

  • Use your mouse wheel to scroll forward, until mouselook kicks in. (You can exit mouselook the same way, by scroll back with your mousewheel.)
    NOTE: Make sure that Prefs → Move & View → View → Don't use mouse wheel to control zoom level of the camera is not enabled!
  • By using the 'm' key on your keyboard. However, this requires that WASD movement be enabled, which is done in Preferences → Move & View -> Movement → Pressing letter keys affects Movement.
  • Open the camera controls floater: top menu, Avatar → Camera Controls. Click on the Camera Modes button (top right one), then Mouselook.
  • Via the Advanced menu (if you don't have this enabled, press Ctrl-Alt-D to enable it), Shortcuts → Mouselook.

Interacting With Objects

If you need to click on something while in mouselook, you need to press and hold the Alt key. This disables the “camera follows mouse” behavior that is normal in mouselook, and allows you to move your mouse over the object and click it.

Note that this holds for left click only, not right click.

User interface elements (such as your inventory) are normally hidden in mouselook; you can disable this fucntionality in Preferences; see the section below. However, some elements can still be accessed if you open them using shortcuts, such as Ctrl-I for Inventory. Again, you will need to press and hold the Alt key to do anything in the window.

Mouselook Settings

These are all under PreferencesMove & View -> Mouselook; please refer there for more information.

Issues with Mouselook

Please refer to this page.

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