If you find that your Nearby Chat window has become detached (“torn off”) from your Conversations (Contacts, IM and group chat) window, then proceed as follows:

Method 1

  • At the top of the viewer click on Comm Menu → Chat (Ctrl+H)
  • Then click on ⇱ icon in the top right of the window to re-dock to the Conversations window

If you do not see the ⇱ icon then please follow method 2 below.

Method 2

  • Make sure the Conversations window is open; if it isn't, open it with top menu, Comm → Conversations, or Ctrl-T.
  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S to open the Debug Settings window. Or, go to Advanced → Show Debug Settings.
  • In that window, type in ChatHistoryTornOff, then click on FALSE; close the Debug Settings window.
  • Close the Conversations window and the Nearby Chat window, if it is open.
  • Open Conversations, then open Nearby Chat (top menu, Comm → Chat, or Ctrl-H).
  • They should snap back together. If not, try a viewer restart.

For the Contacts window being torn off, refer to this page.

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