In general, Nvidia graphics cards and drivers work very well with Second Life.

World View Tinted Blue

This issued occured with nVidia driver 378.49, when Advanced Lighting Model is disabled, on 64-bit viewers only.

Bug is fixed with nVidia driver 378.66 or newer.

Refer to this JIRA issue for more information.

Recent Crashes on Windows, Following a Driver Update

Recent Nvidia updates, including driver version 381.65, may prevent Firestorm from launching. The crash is reported to occur on the “Detecting Hardware” step.

To solve this,

1) Try disabling Shadowplay in your Nvidia settings.

2) If this does not work, roll back to the last driver that worked for you. Be sure to completely uninstall the recent driver before installing the older one.

See also this page.

Unable to Double Click, or Mysterious Symbols Lower Right in Viewer

If you have Nvidia Shadowplay installed, disable it. Google “how to disable nvidia shadowplay” for instructions.

One user reports that on a recent Nvidia Experience version, turning off Share in the Settings menu disables Shadowplay without having to go through Windows controls.

Mac + Nvidia

There is a known Nvidia driver crash that occurs for some users on El Capitan and Sierra. See Mac El Capitan Nvidia Driver Crash and Mac Sierra Issues.

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