PhoenixAlwaysFlyFly Override, for no-fly zones. Must be activated each time.
PhoenixBlockClickSitPrevents sitting on left-click.
PhoenixBoldGroupModsBoldify moderators' text in group chat
PhoenixBuildPrefs_ActualRootShow the axis on the actual root of a linkset instead of mass center
PhoenixBuildPrefs_MaterialDefault Setting For New objects to be created, physical flag
PhoenixBuildPrefs_PivotIsPercentConsider the Pivot points values as a percentage
PhoenixBuildPrefs_PivotXPivot point on the X axis
PhoenixBuildPrefs_PivotYPivot point on the Y axis
PhoenixBuildPrefs_PivotXPivot point on the Z axis
PhoenixBuildPrefs_XsizeDefault Size For New Objects to be created X
PhoenixBuildPrefs_YsizeDefault Size For New Objects to be created Y
PhoenixBuildPrefs_ZsizeDefault Size For New Objects to be created Z
PhoenixCmdLineEnable usage of chat bar as a command line
PhoenixCmdLineAOTurn AO on/off
PhoenixCmdLineAutocorrectCommand for adding new entries to autocorrect
PhoenixCmdLineCalcCalculates an expression
PhoenixCmdLineClearChatClear chat history to stop lag from chat spam
PhoenixCmdLineDrawDistanceChange draw distance quickly
PhoenixCmdLineGroundTeleport to ground function command
PhoenixCmdLineHeightTeleport to height function command
PhoenixCmdLineKeyToNameUse a fast key to name query
PhoenixCmdLineMapToTeleport to a region by name rapidly
PhoenixCmdLineMapToKeepPosWhether to use current local pos on tp to the new sim
PhoenixCmdLineMediaChat command for setting a media url
PhoenixCmdLineMusicChat command for setting a music url
PhoenixCmdLineOfferTpOffer a teleport to target avatar
PhoenixCmdLinePlatformSizeHow wide the rezzed platform will appear to be
PhoenixCmdLinePosTeleport to position function command
PhoenixCmdLineRezPlatformRez a platform underneath you
PhoenixCmdLineTeleportHomeTeleport to home function command
PhoenixCmdLineTP2Teleport to a person by name, partials work.
PhoenixCmdTeleportToCamTeleport to your camera
PhoenixCommitForSaleOnChangeEnables old SL default behavior. Objects set for sale will take effect on change instead of requiring a confirm first.
PhoenixCopyObjKeySeparatorThis chunk of text goes between keys when you use the Copy key button with multiple objects selected.
PhoenixDisableLoginScreensDisable login screen progress bar
PhoenixDisableLogoutScreensDisable logout screen progress bar
PhoenixDisableTeleportScreensDisable teleport screens
PhoenixDisableMinZoomDistDisable the contraint on the closest distance the camera is allowed to get to an object.
PhoenixIgnoreFinishAnimationDisable the wait for pre-jump or landing. Credit to Zwagoth Klaar for coding this
PhoenixIgnoreSimulatorCameraConstraintsIgnores the 'push' the simulator applies to your camera to keep it out of objects. (Requires restart to work correctly)
PhoenixKeywordscomma seperated list of keywords
PhoenixKeywordChangeColorchange message color if keyword found
PhoenixKeywordColorColor of keyword detects messages
PhoenixKeywordInChatLook for keywords in local chat
PhoenixKeywordInIMLook for keywords in IMs and group chats
PhoenixKeywordOnTurns on keyword alters
PhoenixKeywordPlaySoundPlay a sound when a keyword is found
PhoenixLogImToChatConsoleDefines if (group) IM notifications should be sent to the nearby chat console (v1-style) or toasts (v2-style)
PhoenixMuteAllGroupsDisable ALL group chats.
PhoenixMuteGroupWhenNoticesdisabled 'Receive group notices' is disabled, disable group chat as well.
PhoenixNearbyChatbarSet to true to add a chatbar to the Nearby Chat Window
PhoenixPlayChatAnimationPlay the avatar chat animations, e.g. shouting
PhoenixOOCPostfixPostfix to mark OOC chat
PhoenixOOCPrefixPrefix to mark OOC chat
PhoenixRevokePermsRevokes objects anim perms on your avatar on: 0) never, 1) on sit, 2) on stand, 3) on sit and stand.
PhoenixToolboxExpandedWhether to show additional build tool controls
PhoenixUsenearbyChatConsoledisplay popup chat embedded into the read-only world console (v1-style) instead of overlayed floaters (v2-style)
PhoenixWLParcelEnabledEnables auto setting WL from parcel desc flags
PhoenixWLWhilelistAllAllow all land for Phoenix WL sharing
PhoenixWLWhitelistFriendsWhitelist friend's land for Phoenix WL sharing
PhoenixWLWhitelistGroupsWhitelist group land on groups you are member of for Phoenix WL sharing
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