This section covers Firestorm viewer preferences - settings you can modify to affect how the viewer looks and functions. This window is accessed from the top menu bar → Avatar → Preferences, or by pressing Ctrl-P.

Since there are many settings, this document is divided into subpages, one per tab on the Preferences window. Use the navigation bar above to see information on specific tabs.

Searching Preferences

It is possible to search preferences for specific words or phrases, by typing into the search bar at the top. For example, typing in the word response will result in matches on two tabs: General and Privacy. And the Privacy tab will, in turn, have two of its tabs shown. Matched lines are highlighed in color (you can change the highlight color in Preferences → Colors -> Miscellaneous → Preferences Search Highlight Color).

To clear the search, and have the Preferences window revert to its normal state, just click the 'x' at the far right end of the search field.

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