Progressive Draw Distance (PDD) is a method for increasing rez times when you TP to a new location. It works by dropping your draw distance as soon as you arrive, and then gradually increasing it. In this way, initially, there are few things around you that need to be rezzed in, and also not much data to be sent from SL servers.

As the draw distance is stepped up, more of your surroundings become visible and start to rez in. This feature is very useful if you experience slow rez times, particularly in busy locations. If you find that you still have rez issues, try increasing the step time via the slider.

Enabling and Adjusting PDD

  • Check “Enable progressive draw distance stepping”
  • Adjust the interval time between steps in seconds by using the slider

Confirming PDD

To confirm that PDD is in fact active and working:

  • Click on the QuickPrefs button in the bottom button bar
  • The quickPrefs window shows (among other things) your current draw distance
  • Keep this window open, and TP somewhere while watching the number in the Draw Distance box, which will start low and progressively step up until it has reached the total DD setting
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