The Quick Preferences Panel provides fast access to commonly used settings and is accessed via a button on the bottom bar.

Quick Preferences button

Activate it by clicking the button with the Firestorm logo shown on the image on the right. To close it, press the button again, and it will appear released.

NOTE: There is a video tutorial about Quick Preferences here.

Panel Layout

NOTE: Not all skins have all the options shown; the order may also be different.

  • LOD Factor: Controls level of detail of primitives (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail). Ideal setting is between 2.0 and 3.0.
    (Also set in PreferencesGraphics -> General.)
  • Max Avatars: How many Avatars to fully render on screen. Lowering this greatly improves FPS in crowded situations. Requires Avatar Imposters to be on. The default is 3 for low graphics and 12 for Mid/High/Ultra.
    (Also set in PreferencesGraphics -> General.)
  • Tags Offset: Allows you to adjust the height of your name tag above your avatar. Handy for non human avatars, from tinies to large dragons, so the name isn't embedded in the avatar, or floating way above.
  • Name Tags: quick toggle to enable/disable displaying tags over people's heads.
  • LookAt Target: Enables showing crosshair to indicate where people have their camera focused.
    (Also set in PreferencesPrivacy -> LookAt.
  • Color Under Cursor: If enabled, shows the current color and alpha values under the cursor; these are displayed in white text, on the lower right of your screen.
  • Hover Height: It allows “on-the-fly” adjustments to be made to your avatar’s z-axis position without having to use the Edit Appearance Hover slider
  • Max Complexity: Controls at what point a visually complex avatar is shown as a jellydoll. 9)
  • Use Region Windlight: Forces the viewer to use the windlight settings set for the region.
    Same as enabling top menu → World → Environment Editor → Environment Settings → Use Region Settings.
  • Windlight Sky: Windlight sky settings. Use the < and > arrows to quickly scroll.
  • Windlight Water: Windlight water settings. Use the < and > arrows to quickly scroll.
  • Day Cycle: Allows for a quick selection of a day cycle to use.
  • Time of Day: Drag the slider to change the time of day. The X to the right will reset the time of day to region default.

Adding/Removing Settings

Quick Prefs Panel

It is possible to add or remove settings from the QuickPrefs window by clicking the wrench icon in the lower right corner. The window will change, and appear as shown to the right. This edit panel overlays the lower portion of the QuickPrefs window.

Adding Settings

  • To add a new setting, click the + button. A new “blank” control is added to the QuickPrefs window. Now it needs to be associated with a setting.
  • Click on Choose and a long drop down list will appear; these are all the viewer debug settings; the list of Firestorm debug settings is given here for reference.
  • Select the setting you wish to add.
  • In the space to the left of the drop down, give the setting a name that you find meaningful, for what the setting does.
  • The Type field is automatically filled in based on the type of setting.
  • If the setting accepts only whole numbers, then click the Integer checkbox.
  • For some settings, you can alter the minimum, maximum and increment values; do not do this unless you know exactly what they represent.

To add more settings, click the + button again, and repeat.

Editing Existing Settings

Simply highlight the setting by clicking on the name in the upper portion of the QuickPrefs window. You can then change the name of it to something you prefer, if you wish. Or you can replace it with a totally different setting, which may be faster than deleting the setting and then adding a new one.

Removing Settings

To the left of each of the existing settings in the window, a trashcan icon now is shown; clicking this will remove the associated setting from the window.

Finished Making changes

When you have completed making changes, click the 'x' button in the lower edit panel. It is then best to relog to ensure that changes “stick'.

Reverting Changes

If for any reason you need or want to revert to the default layout of the Quick Preferences panel, then click the Reset button at the bottom. Note that this cannot be reversed.

Refer to this SL wiki page for information on avatar complexity and jellydolls.
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