Getting to search is pretty easy:

  • Click the magnifying glass icon on your bottom bar (if enabled)
  • Go to the Content menu and choose Search
  • Press Ctrl+F
  • Enter your search term in the Search field at the top right (skip the next paragraph)

Search includes V2/3-style web search, as well as tabs for V1-style “legacy” search, all in one window.

The first tab in the search window is Websearch.

The starting search page has a search field, a categories pull-down menu, a search button, three tabs for quick searches - Events, which is already selected, Destination Guide and Land & Rentals - and maturity rating selections (Adult is only enabled if you are age verified). Below that is the results area. Without entering anything in search, this area shows a selection of results for the tab selected, as well as classified ads.

Once you enter a search term, press Enter or click the Search button. Optionally, you can filter your search to a specific type, like Groups, People or Events.

The results will be displayed, with filters on the left and adverts on the right. What shows in the results column is different depending upon what filter you applied. There are maturity icons for all results, and with no filter applied, the results also include a type icon, such as place, person, or group.

Clicking a result expands it, showing a bit of the description, picture and relevant action buttons depending upon the type of item it is.

Refer to this page if you have issues getting search to work.

The remaining tabs constitute “legacy” search.

NOTE: “Legacy” Search All will not be implemented at all, as it is totally “broken” server-side.
Legacy Search can break at any time, should LL decide to disable it.

It is important to bear in mind that “Legacy” Search accesses a different SL search engine than web search in Firestorm; this is the search engine used by Phoenix and other V1-based viewers. Thus you can and probably will get different results when search. Search results do not depend on the viewer, but rather on the data returned from SL.

You may search on the following categories:

  • People
  • Groups
  • Places
  • Land Sales
  • Events
  • Classifieds

Select the type you wish by clicking the appropriate tab, then type the search string into the wide bar, and click Search. The results, if any, will be shown below. You can click any result line to display more information on the right side of the window.

Depending on the Maturity Rating you have set in PreferencesGeneral, you can restrict your search to:

  • General
  • Moderate
  • Adult
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