If you get a black screen when opening Search, Web Profiles, or Destinations, then try the following:

  • Sometimes the window opens minimized at the top left; check to see if this is the case.
  • Go to PreferencesNetwork & Files -> Connection and ensure that the following are all enabled:
    • Enable Plugins
    • Enable Javascript
  • If this is not enough to get search working then go to PreferencesPrivacy -> General and click on Clear History (top of the window). Then relog.
  • If this still doesn't help, then make sure that your anti-virus software hasn't flagged, and possibly deleted, SLPlugin.exe, which is required for search to work. Try disabling your anti-virus completely, then reinstalling Firestorm to a different folder. Once done, re-enable your anti-virus and make sure you set it to exclude SLPlugin.exe from being scanned.

Some other issues affecting search are covered here.

See this page for documentation on Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) and earlier.
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