This window is opened by going to the top menu bar → World → Sound Explorer.

This window shows all current sound sources 21) within audible range. The list will continue to update as new sounds are played.

Across the top of the window are check boxes which will allow you to cotnrol the list:

  • Avatars: Lists sounds being played by objects worn by avatars.
  • Objects: Lists sounds being played by objects which are rezzed out in-world.
  • Default Collision Sounds: Lists objects which are causing collision sounds.
  • Repeated Asset: These are sounds which loop endlessly.
  • Pause Log: Checking this will pause logging of new sound events.

Below the list display are a few buttons that have effect on a highlighted sound.

  • Play Locally: Plays the selected sound, for you only.
  • Look At: focuses your camera on the source of the selected sound. 22)
  • Blacklist: Adds the selected sound to the Asset Blacklist.
  • Stop: Stops the selected sound from playing.


Note: “Sound sources” refers to in-world sounds that are generated by scripts or physical events, and not streaming audio or video.
Note that if you have Parcel Privacy enabled (About LandOptions → Allow Residents on other parcels to - See and chat with residents on this parcel), then you will not be able to view the object.
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