Firestorm stores usernames and passwords in an encrypted credentials file inside your user settings folder. This file can only be used on one computer; it can't be decoded on a different computer.

Disabling Login Credentials

If you don't want the viewer to store passwords:

  1. Launch the viewer but do not log in.
  2. Uncheck both the Remember username and Remember password options (just to the right of the Log In button)
  3. If there is a username listed in the Username field, click the Trashcan icon next to it. Repeat as desired for other stored credentials.

Failed to Decode Login Credentials

Firestorm may complain that it cannot decode the credentials when you launch the viewer. This can be because there is actual corruption in the file, or because the file came from a different computer, or because of an operating system update. In some cases you can simply re-enter your credentials and the file will self-repair. If it warns you on each login, it will be necessary to delete the credentials file.

  1. Launch Firestorm, then find your user settings folder by going to PreferencesNetwork & Files -> Directories and click Open Settings Folder.
  2. Quit Firestorm
  3. Locate and delete the file called bin_conf.dat.

If you backup your settings, also delete the bin_conf.dat file in your backup folder before attempting to use the restore option.

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