Teleport can fail in several ways:

  • you simply don't go anywhere but remain where you were
  • you get disconnected
  • you crash out
NOTE: Being disconnected is NOT the same as crashing. If you see a window saying “You have been disconnected from Second Life - View IMs or Quit”, then you have been disconnected. If the program simply shuts down with no message window, then you have crashed.

The first of these cases may often be due to simple things like the region you are trying to get to is full, or you have no access to it, or it has gone down. Try again after a few minutes.

Also, please note that the recent introduction of “teleport threading”, an attempt to mitigate the effects of mono memory leak, have led to an increase in TP failures, often resulting in your being logged out of SL altogether.

Things to try:

  • Disable RLV: Go to Prefs → Firestorm → Extras → “Enable Remote Scripted Viewer Controls (RLVa)”, then relog. See if you can now teleport. If you can, you may have had an RLV restriction in place.
  • If you aren't crashing or disconnecting but aren't getting anywhere, try TPing to different locations. It may just be one region giving you trouble. “Puddle jumping” by going to a different one first might help you get around sim issues.
  • Try opening the landmark you are trying to TP to and let the information in the LM load fully before clicking Teleport.
  • Having your bandwidth set too high is a frequent cause of TP failure. Go to PreferencesNetwork & Files -> Connection and set bandwidth to 300, and see if that improves things. If it does, you can increase gradually, up to a maximum of 1500. Please refer to this page for information on determining your optimum bandwidth setting.
  • There may be a problem with your connection. Log off and try resetting your router/modem. Unplug it for a minimum of two minutes. If it has a battery backup, remove the battery as well. It does not hurt to reboot your computer at this time. After at least two minutes have passed, plug the router/modem back in and/or replace the battery and log back in.
  • If you crash or get logged out on all or most TPs, then you may need to add new DNS numbers in your system's networking settings. Mac users may also be experiencing other issues like an empty friends list or trouble viewing rigged mesh. Please see this page for instructions.
  • HTTP fetching may be overloading your router; please try the suggestions given here; if they do not help, revert the changes made then return to this page and continue.
  • If you are using a firewall, try disabling it temporarily and seeing if that improves things. Norton products in particular have been known to severely impair various SL functions, including teleports and texture rezzing, but the same issues may appear with other firewalls as well. If this solves the problem, re-enable the firewall, and then configure it to allow Firestorm access to the 'net; for more on that, see here.
  • Right-click your tag or a non-prim part of your avatar and select Script Info. If the number of scripts reported is in the triple digits, then it might be causing the TP fail. Try removing scripted prims. To determine which attachments contain the most scripts, go to World → Parcel Details, click Script Info at the bottom and then Avatar at the top. This will list your scripted attachments with their size in memory (not number of scripts) to help you know what to try removing first.1) Note that UNscripted prims have no effect on TP failing.2)
  • If you have teleport screens disabled, try turning them back on: Preferences → Move & View -> Teleports → Disable Teleport Screens … make sure it is NOT checked.

1) Often, scripts in worn attachments are old-style resizers, which use one script per prim. In 200-prim hair, that is 200+ scripts! Click on the hair, jewelry, shoes, or other attachment, and if there is a menu option to delete resize scripts, then make a copy of the item in your inventory and delete the scripts out of one copy. Wear the now-unscripted copy and save the scripted one in your inventory in case you need to resize it again in the future.

Naturally, you do NOT want to stop or remove scripts from HUDs or other items that perform useful functions, like AOs, Mystitool, combat HUDs, etc., though you can reduce your scripts further by setting up and using the built-in client-side Firestorm AO instead of an AO HUD.

2) IMPORTANT: Avatar Complexity (formerly Avatar Render Draw Weight, also formerly Avatar Rendering Cost, which were calculated differently) is totally unrelated to script count. Low complexity does not mean your script count is low. Complexity is an indication of how much work your computer has to do to draw an avatar, no more. The association between Avatar Complexity (draw weight/ARC) and scripts is a myth, and totally false. Also, high complexity does not interfere with TP; that too is a myth.

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