Persistent Typing Animation

If your avatar will not stop typing despite having “Play typing animation when chatting” unchecked in PreferencesChat -> Typing, disable typing override in your AO, if that option is available.

If that does not work, please do the following:

  • Check with the creator of your AO for any updates since the rollout of LL server 1.42 (the new servers included a change in how LSL manages the typing state of an avatar). Absent such an update, please continue through these steps
  • Remove your AO. Rez it to the ground (unless your AO has different directions for add/remove animations); \ \physically remove the actual typing animations from your AO;
    remove any references to typing animations on the notecard in your AO (assuming your AO has a notecard that includes what animations it is to use);
    reset the scripts;
    take the AO back into your inventory
  • Go to top menu, Advanced → Show Debug Settings (Press Ctrl-Alt-D to enable Advanced, if it isn't); type Playtypinganim, and set to TRUE, then back to FALSE
  • Relog and reattach your AO

If instead your hands and arms are moving while using voice, then you have speech gestures active. They can be found in the Library, in the Gestures → Speech Gestures folder. Deactivate them.

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