If you are reverting to an earlier version than you currently have installed, or need to Clean Install as part of a Troubleshooting procedure, please click here.

Before continuing it is recommended that you Backup Settings. You may skip this step if you choose, however, if there is a problem during or after the update and you do not have a Back-Up then you could lose any changes you have made to your settings.

Updating your viewer need not be a daunting task. The Method explained below is for a straightforward Update. DO NOT follow this method if you are reverting to an earlier version.

Step 1: Get the Installer

For the current release, go to the Downloads page.

If you want to install a previous release, we recommend you use the steps in Clean Install

Step 2: Remove Application

For Windows

Ideally, use the Programs & Features Control Panel [Win7, Win8.1, Win10], or Add/Remove Programs Control Panel to remove the Firestorm application. If you have a Firestorm folder in your Start Menu, there may be an Uninstall link there (32-bit Firestorm only).

For Mac

Navigate to Applications and trash the Firestorm App.

For linux

The Firestorm install directory will be wherever you extracted the download archive. Typically this will be in your home directory somewhere, such as ~/Phoenix-Firestorm_*. Delete this directory and everything inside it.

If you used the install script as root, look in your /opt directory. You will need to su root or sudo rm to delete the firestorm directory there.

Step 3: Install Firestorm

Having done all those steps, you may now install Firestorm. Installing Firestorm is done in pretty much the same way as any other application on your computer.

For Windows

Run the downloaded installer. The 32-bit installer will offer you the chance to change the destination directory; the 64-bit installer shows the destination when you click the Options button.
The installer will create a shortcut icon on the desktop.

Note: The 32-bit installer offers you an option to start the viewer when it's done, and you should choose No. Choosing Yes tends to cause problems for some people, especially if they restore during that session. The shortcut is the preferred way to launch the viewer.

For Mac

Find the .dmg file you just downloaded and double-click it to mount it. Then drag the Firestorm app icon into your Applications folder. More detailed instructions can be found here

Note: Apple's Gatekeeper software may initially prevent your opening the viewer, depending on your Gatekeeper settings. If it does, there is a simple way to change it: See “How to open an app from a unidentified developer and exempt it from Gatekeeper” on this page. Once you have allowed Firestorm to open via this method, Gatekeeper will not flag it on subsequent launches (until you reinstall Firestorm again).

For linux

Extract the downloaded tar.bz2 or tar.xz into any directory and run the firestorm script inside that directory to launch it. You can optionally install by running the install script inside that directory. And you can optionally create a desktop launcher. Refer to the README files for more information.
If you are installing on a 64-bit Linux system, you will need to install some 32-bit libraries. Refer to this page for guidance on required compatibility libraries.
If you use the Nautilus File Manager and double clicking the firestorm launch script opens the script in an editor, you will need to modify how Nautilus handles scripts.

Flash Player

Go to Adobe Flash Player, select your operating system, then select the appropriate flash player.

Important Notes

  1. With a new version comes new code, new settings etc. Your settings can become corrupt and important information can become “scrambled”. When installing a different version of the viewer, using settings from the previously installed version may cause undesirable behavior in the viewer. If you experience issues after performing a straight update please Back-Up Your Settings and then Clear Your Settings.
  2. If you are experiencing issues after Updating via this Method you may be asked to perform a full Clean Install by our Support Team.
  3. If you have heavily modified settings and you are concerned that they may cause an issue on updating and/or restoring them you can take the precautionary measuring of Filing a Jira and attaching a zip file of your settings. *Please Note*: if taking this step please allow a minimum of 72 hours for this to be checked and responded to.
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