Objects on Screen Disappear

If you find that objects around you are suddenly disappearing, it is most likely due to a setting which is set too low:

  • Go to the Advanced menu up top → Show Debug Settings (press Ctrl-Alt-D if the Advanced menu is not visible). Then type rendermaxNodeSize 14). This defaults to 65536 and should not be set lower.

If this does not help, then try the following:

  • Develop → Rendering → Object-Object Occlusion … disable it by unchecking it (Ctrl-Alt-Q reveals the Develop menu).

If this still doesn't solve the problem - are all the objects textures with partly transparent textures (eg leaves)? If so, this may be due to shadows. If you have shadows enabled, then see this page.

rendermaxNodeSize specifies how much memory is used to render new on-screen objects. Set too low, older objects will simply “vanish” so that new ones may be rendered.
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