At the Firestorm log in screen, next to the log In button, is a drop down menu, which allows you to select the default viewer mode. These can be one of:

  • Phoenix
  • Firestorm
  • Hybrid
  • V5
  • Latency
  • Text

This allows you to select the overall “look and feel” of the viewer. Text mode disables almost all rendering; it exists for those who need to get in-world on very low end computers.

NOTE: This will affect many settings but none that you have set yourself. In other words, if you log in with (for example) Phoenix mode, but then change one of the default settings to what would be V3 mode, that will remain set next time.

The tables below lists settings and how they are set in the various modes.

Setting Firestorm Phoenix Hybrid V5
Show Home button no no no yes
Show location in top menu yes yes yes no
Show navigation bar no no no yes
Display how to leave mouselook no no no yes
Default skin Firestorm Grey Vintage Classic Metaharper Modern Starlight Original
WASD affects movement no no yes yes
Script dialogs always opaque yes yes no no
Script dialogs always top right yes yes yes no
Minimap shown in Radar panel no no yes yes
Use chat console for nearby chat yes yes yes no
Show pop-ups for group chat no no no yes
Show pop-ups for IM chat yes no no yes
Use chat headers no no yes yes
Use mini-icons in chat headers no no yes yes
Multiple chat windows no no yes yes
Use V1-style cursors yes yes no no
Color tags by viewer
(OpenSim only)
User defined User defined User defined Not based on viewer
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