Vignette is a visual effect designed for photography and machinima. It creates a round dark shadow from the outer edges of the screen toward the center.

Vignette settings may be found in the Phototools floater, Gen tab. This is accessed via a button on the button bar. If you do not have the button visibile, right click any button on the button bar, and select Toolbar Buttons; the Toolbar Buttons window opens. Locate the Phototools button there, and drag it onto any of the button bars (bottom, left or right). Alternately, you can access via top menu, World → Photo and Video → Phototools.

Perhaps the best way to explain the three settings is by illustration:

Default Values
Amount - 0.00
Power - 1.0
Multiply - 1
High Power
Amount - 0.75
Power - 5.0
Multiply - 1
High Multiply
Amount - 0.75
Power - 5.0
Multiply - 5
  • Amount: Controls how much vignette effect to apply. The default is zero, for no effect.
  • Power: Controls how intense the vignette effect should be, how dark it is.
  • Multiply: Reduces the size of the shadow effect.
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