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The Favorite Wearables window allows you to list frequently used items, HUDs as an example, in an easily accessible location so that you can quickly attach and detach them as needed. This makes it more convenient to detach attachments you don't need or want to wear all the time due to script usage or increased texture memory usage, and saves you from digging around in your inventory when you want to add them.

To use the feature,

  • drag the toolbar button to your toolbar: Avatar Menu → Toolbar Buttons → Favorite Wearables, then click the button,
  • or open the window from Avatar Menu → Favorite Wearables.

Adding/deleting items from the window:

  • To add items, drag them from inventory into the window. Items added to this window create a link in the #Wearable Favorites folder in inventory.
  • To delete an item, select it and press the Trash icon. Note: this only deletes the link in the #Wearable Favorites folder, not the original item.

Use double-click to add or detach any item.

The window includes a search bar.

The menu options include:

  • Sort by name
  • Sort by date
  • Sort by type name (asset type)
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